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Buy Cheap Swtor Credits to Make Up Stronghold Labels BoP and Win WZ Coms

Posted Apr 11, 2015 by fifapal
Buy Cheap Swtor Credits to Make Up Stronghold Labels BoP and Win WZ Coms

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Apr 11, 2015 -- In both SWTOR 3.2 PTS and Update 3.1.2, you may have found that Stronghold Labels have become Bind on Pickup, and they cannot be used to transfer warzone commendations anymore. But God always shuts one door but opens another. You can order swtor power leveling on Swtor2credits to help you.

Stronghold Labels become Bind Pickup

In swtor 3.2 PTS and 3.1.2, Stronghold titles, including Imperial Sanctuary, Republic Sanctuary and Starfighter’s Lounge, have become Bind on Pickup so that players cannot trade them for warzone commendations between characters.

What if no warzone commendations for PvP?

As we all know, warzone commendations, rewarded for competing in Warzones, can be used to purchase PvP gear and Champion Gear Bags from PvP vendors. If Stronghold titles cannot trade for coms, players have to use coms on that toon for that toon. They much killed the game, for many people.

Imagine that you have none or not much PvP gear at 60when you hit level 60, what would you do as before? Yeah, the Stronghold titles can make it possible to do more PvP at lower levels. Trade them for some coms, and you can actually play PvP at 60.

However, it doesn’t work now, and you need to find out another way to PvP. You have to make more warzone commendations by yourself. You may need more swtor credits for your adventure. You might as well purchase swtor cheap credits on Swtor2credits, along with 5% free swtor credits bonus, to make your adventure smooth.
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