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Buy cheap safewow neverwinter astral diamonds and learn July D&D Neverwinter Call

Posted Jul 27, 2014 by fifapal
Buy cheap safewow neverwinter astral diamonds and learn July D&D Neverwinter Call to Arms skirmish event

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Jul 27, 2014 -- July D&D Neverwinter Call to Arms skirmish event: Gate Crashers is over, do you miss it? Now, Safewow share a good news for you can watch with Lv60 Hunter Ranger gameplay if you miss this event. This is the last part of Cate Crashers event for the last boss Cephalon.Cool and interesting.
Cate Crasher is a limit time event, many player love this event to win the special reward, such as the transmutable weapons, Dye Pack, Enchantments and Intellect Devourer companion like the boss Cephalon.

Neverwinter hunter ranger Stormwarden build with Archery path.
At-will: Rapid Shot, Split Shot
Encounter: Rain of Arrows, Thorn Ward, Split the Sky
Daily: Forest Ghost, Seismic Shot
Class: Aspect of the Pack, Aspect of the Lone Wolf

Artifact: Tactician's Banner, Sigil of the Hunter, Lantern of Revelation

Gameplay: Split the Sky → Thorn Ward → Rain of Arrows → Rapid Shot (boss) / Split Shot (mobs) → Seismic Shot → Rapid Shot. Cast the Split the Sky skill before the boss or mobs attack you is the better, this need you have a strong ability to predict.

Note, fast dodge the red damage circle from the boss or mobs. Another, if you want to melee slay the boss, click the Tab and change the melee skills after cast the Split the Sky, the Forest Ghost would make you stealth when your melee gameplay.
Greeting news! D&D Neverwinter Dragonborn race announced today! You can become a dragonborn legend in the neverwinter online now!
he Dragonborn Legend Pack will be on sale at 25% off from July 24 until the launch of Module 4: Tyranny of Dragons. It is mean that the Module 4 launch time is August 14, Thursday, 2014 at 7 AM PDT. Great! You should know this pack is $100, $75 if you buy before Module 4, on a crap shoot of unknown stats, an artifact ,30 slot bag, no mount, fashion wear on a orc and a bunch of consumables. The Dragonborn is the only race that allows players to add +2 to any stats.

So, you can know the Dragonborn will be not free to play and now you can not see the stuff on Live or PTR yet, but personal hope they will release the race for free at some point and will have a dragon mount in Module 4. OK, discussing the dragonborn race in official forum you can know more.

Ok, There are various gameplay of Neverwinter hunter ranger build in here you can choose. Safewow would continue bring the latest guide, build, and news for you.

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Last Updated : Jul 27, 2014

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