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Bodystockings UK Today, people came to the enrollment is around one hundred,

Posted Oct 26, 2014 by lffoygui
After several monks examination, and finally through the man has more than 20.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Oct 26, 2014 -- Tieniu stand out in the crowd, Bodystockings UK more than two meters of height abnormal eye-catching. Yesterday tested resistant surname after the test, the news has been passed out, today to people inside, as long as the physical examination qualified, in the study section of the surname that pass inside resistance are well.Including the tractor, and Huang Feihong today unexpectedly Bodystockings UK also came to Shaolin, hopes to become a lay disciple. More than 20 people by Huo Yuanzhen, will receive the final test, once through the Huo true conduct after the test, then it will formally become disciples of Shaolin temple. Today Huo true wore a new grey cloth robes, this is their only new robe. Huo Yuanzhen had planned to recruit, etc. a lay disciple finished, immediately began to Shaolin to change, this robe is not gray yellow soil, how to be more ugly ugly, become a monk already bald, Bodystockings UK then dressed so shabbily, really do not meet their future Wulin first big faction status. The final examination is in place, the pagoda million, Huo Yuanzhen moved to a table and sat in the tower door, accept conduct inspection to stand in the following steps. Until more than 20 through one came, Huo Yuanzhen announced: "a final examination will start in half an hour later, this time, you can freely, but are not allowed to leave the fourth region, in this range, after half an hour, and then come to me to set". These were so afraid not through the last pass and perturbed, now hear the abbot said could be free of half an hour, tense nerves relaxed. Bodystockings UK Most people are one's local district, mutually between also know, in groups of three and four strolling in the fourth region. Huo Yuanzhen is in the tower of meditation, silently practicing boy power of their. The fourth area, Huo Yuanzhen put one hundred coins in the corners and hidden place, and Huang Feihong is his own inside, supervise these people picked up copper after conduct secretly. Huang Feihong is Shaolin disciples Huo true default, also helped to repel the enemy character of Shaolin, Bodystockings UK does not have the words to say, is the Dengfeng people, let him supervise the best. They all hang out, only the Tieniu also stand in the following steps, motionless, like a huge iron tower like. Huo Yuanzhen some curious way: "iron ox, why don't you go out for a walk? Now the time has not arrived yet". "I want to protect the abbot" here, Tieniu muffled voice answer, huge. "Oh, protect me? Don't you think I have no protection ability?" Asked Huo Yuanzhen pretend to be profound. Tieniu wanted to think: Bodystockings UK "do you like some of the surfaceFormer cast about lions roar, although leave adequate leeway, but most people are definitely could own a roar, the tractor was just the face color, took a step back, there seems to be no what hinder greatly, but Huo true believe, he must not feel. He just abnormal body strong, it can seem to do not have what thing. Think of yesterday's scene, Huo Yuanzhen heart movement, sat leaning forward, opened his mouth, and shouted what seems to be the same. Sure enough the Tieniu face discoloration, couldn't help took a step back, revealing a trace of fear of color. This tractor gifted, can bare handed fighting Butch, never know what fear, but yesterday Huo true standing in front the voice suddenly shouted, really Bodystockings UK let him fear. Even Huo Yuanzhen's martial arts high, easily beat he never let his fear, but Huo Yuanzhen just shouted, let your mind surges, be dizzy, although he was not against, but the unknown means, so that he could not understand, they will naturally have a feeling of awe. Tieniu expression makes Huo Yuanzhen very satisfied, body lean back in a chair, watching the faces of the meaning, seems to be put a horse like tractor. There the iron ox breathed a sigh of relief, but also increasingly confused Bodystockings UK - Huo Yuanzhen. He did not know how, Huo Yuanzhen also make grand gestures, in addition to a roar, Huo Yuanzhen no other presentable skill. Soon it was half an hour, during the period of Huang Feihong quietly slipped back a few times, to Huo Yuanzhen report some people find copper after the. In time, these people once again gathered together, waiting for the Huo true assessment. "This recruit disciples of Shaolin Temple, the examination has ended". Huo Yuanzhen, the first sentence is close, the presence of most of the people are terrified, only a few people to be realized, revealing look happy. "The abbot, hasn't started yet? How is it over?". Some people question. Huo Yuanzhen stood up from behind the table stand, went to the pagoda on the steps, look down from a height at all: "I Shaolin is Buddhism, Buddhist disciples of choice, the first value is the heart of a person name, I have said before, I here is the final test, is a test of the heart the surname, and half of the hour rest tim AMORETU e, is actually a test". A lot of people know that after what, instantly blushed, it is no wonder that appeared on the ground pick copper thing, I'm afraid is the abbot arrangement. Sure enough, Huo Yuanzhen continued to speak: "I in this region a total of fourth throw one hundred and twenty coins, those of you who, in the rest of the process, have alone or together with other people found a copper, but your performance, but not the same". Huo Yuanzhen then took out a list: "here are all your names, but the real through the test, only three people". Said, Huo Yuanzhen read out the name: "Huang Feihong, through! Tieniu, through! Su kid, the!". Read it, Tsurumoto Mado: "it is a kind of virtue, he who loses money, must be very worried, money returned is actually a solution of suffering, is good, don't think a copper plate is small, not by wicked little.
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