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Bodystockings UK Those who are not read the names of people who have nothing to say,

Posted Oct 26, 2014 by lffoygui
Su kid is a fifteen six year old Bodystockings UK little beggar,

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Oct 26, 2014 -- face shame will pick up coins Bodystockings UK to put down, and then the one one on the Huo Yuanzhen salute, went down the hill. Four people, look at the remaining Tsurumoto Mado: "the three of you, now officially become a lay disciple I Shaolin, while I go and worship with the patriarch, even if I Shaolin disciple". Huang Feihong is the default disciple, now face in high spirit, lick chest belly stack standing there. with dishevelled hair and a dirty face, he is quoted Su kid registration. Huo Yuanzhen has looked at the Su kid, asked: "your name is Su kid?". "Because the abbot, boy surnamed Su, but when I was young, my parents is not, I beg to grow up, no one gave me a name, everyone calls me Su kid". Huo Yuanzhen nodded: "as a beggar, also found, you are very good, so, I today for you a household name, called Su". Su heard that she has a name, moved to tears, where kneel kowtow: "thanks to Huo Bodystockings UK Yuanzhen abbot, I have a name, thanks to abbot,,,". Su! Su orientalis! Huo Yuanzhen heart turned his thoughts, but after the face quietly, let Su Ke several head, let up, ready to take a few people went to the hill after. There is a feeling the old monk's grave, said to be the worship of Shaolin founder, is also feeling the old monk worship a person. Was about to go, suddenly Tieniu also knelt down. "The abbot, I don't want to be a lay disciple, I want to shave their heads, do the monk!". Li Qingshan and Yuan; total came to million poison to teach, night deep as water, the main hall in the projected debut Golden Buddha, the dark hall disseminated Bodystockings UK as Buddhism holy land. . "Nanhai God?" A total of Yuan Road, South Xinjiang this rare genuine Buddhists, in her memory, can have such a light momentum, only the God of Nanhai Ni a man, and the breath is very similar, but vaguely different. No, not at all. Li Qingshan rushed back to, at this time but the footsteps hesitated. How. A total of yuan or first time see his face the look of this shilly-shally. It's nothing. Li Qingshan shook his head, a step, people have come to the temple. Ann sitting Bodystockings UK on the end of the Buddha, seeing he smile, sensitive to the change in him breath, explicit is Nirvana "a rebirth, not from peep out concerns color:" all right?" "A little bit of trouble, are you okay!" Li Qingshan smiled and said, hesitant color restore Yue Ping sweep away, decisive, although she had not the innocent child, but never forget, to make an example for her. "Well." Ann gently nod. Both Li Qingshan and Wu Kui Wang battle, or lesser resistance Buddha invasion, has considerable difficulty, Bodystockings UK this is not much, but each other understand. Such as heart eyes between them in the circulation, heart inexplicable sigh, back to the hall, in front of the door is met a total of yuan, Lian the Ren a ceremony, neither alienation, also do not close. A total of deep deep heart looked like an eye, just nod, this is her Mermaid queen always arrogant attitude.Broken, then there is no longer any disputes, that is all to the good. A total of the deep end did not entered the hall, waiting just outside the palace, the heart read: "I and although he exercises consistency, suitable for double repair, but the road was very different, he won't stay in the South China Sea, and I will never leave the South China Sea, is difficult to become a companion of Bodystockings UK the way. But like them, it was on the real companion of the way!" Li Qingshan Wu Kui Wang and evil people's body out, pile up like a mountain full of bloody corpse, gas house, entangles and not scattered in the devil, exudes a filthy. In the Buddha's light shines, magic gas collapsibility, magic people bodies showing signs of melting, which is originated from the Buddha magic essence mutual grams, purification and pollution. Ann clenched fists, took a deep breath, exhaled a wisp of very fine skeleton Bodystockings UK - fire Tan mouth, like a snake to penetrate into the bottom of the corpse mountain, after a while, the bottom-up white transparent flame spread, the corpse mountain pilot Andy stepped aboard the corpse mountain top, skeleton fire burning like silence, enchanting bloom white, but not with what Buddha produce intense reaction, but Xu Xuqin burned into the cobwebs like Buddha, phagocytosis. The flames, Ann a bones appear and disappear, dip fruit is a stunning bones, is obviously the corpse mountain bare bones horror, but contains no to mysterious Zen queer, confirm the cycle of life and death, hue idling unsurpassed wonderful truths, once again confirms the "Tao", cheek bones, indeed originated from Buddhism authentic. This is why God of Nanhai, a lvzong fix for although far more than small, more the precepts of law marvellous, but are not able to "force" the abolition of the bones about Tao, is derived from the nature of the realm of the gap, not with the lesser gap, but the gap with the b AMORETU ones of the bodhisattva. If the God of Nanhai, fix for the worse, it a relic had been skeleton fire devour transformation. Little attention to power operation, the facial expression gradually calmed down, saying with its is calm, be inferior to saying is some emotions are re pulling away. Li Qingshan's negative hand but sign, for a long time looking at the corpse mountain Andy, frowning, suddenly turned and walked to the house, and a total of deep passing: "rest, ready for the next battle!" Ann stared at his tall figure, can clearly feel his struggle, the heart has a indelible gentle dependence. Castle Peak ah, don't feel sorry for me, no surname how ruthless destruction of evil, and how, I will always be at your side, until the destruction come!
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