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Bodystockings UK See a slender and other solid,

Posted Oct 26, 2014 by lffoygui
Huo Yuanzhen some helpless way: "you this way, where as Bodystockings UK is a congenital master?

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Oct 26, 2014 -- Huo Yuanzhen slowly try to Bodystockings UK open hand, was no longer flowed out of the water. Although in the edge zone also constantly have to water leakage, but it has no what relation, the speed to will dungeon permeability full, not a day and a night of fear is not enough. Control sluice, Huo Yuanzhen finally breathed a sigh of relief. Although he was always confident can sluice control, but really doing, or not so easy. At least one person himself was unable to complete this process, Bodystockings UK you can not pushing sluice, while looking for things, inside this so, also has a merit of Xian xu. The little girl don't finished scabbard later, is still holding his neck, so she wouldn't sink into the water down. Black hair strands attached to the face, a pair of big eyes some be still suffering from the shock, long eyelashes above even hung some dirty things in the water, many slender and delicate face this moment as white as a sheet. How to finish my trust? How can make Cihang vegetarian static master?" Hear Huo true questioning yourself, Xu Xian Xian some grievance, she has indeed is congenital master, in samsara vegetarian static full training, she entered at the beginning of this year, a priori, only seventeen years old, even more than the spirit of the heavenly palace Hua Xiaohuan must be younger, is almost the most innate state young. But the inborn state own what is not, in his eyes, he was just a will only hanging around his neck, rely on him to protect children. In front of him, did not own master style, also don't say what Cihang vegetarian Bodystockings UK static future heir of the bearing, but a slender and her self-esteem, bit her pale lips: "Don't worry., I'll finish your trust, I leave here, I will hair shaven, shave my head to do a nun, will not let you disappointed." "Well, this is what you said." Huo Yuanzhen freely answer openA sloppy Taoist finger hook, a gentle wind blowing from the other side, gently asked, she just steady live a body of form. "Master, that's not so good!" A thin brows and eyes of the young monk, had been watching, see dirty Bodystockings UK person thus favour one more than another, couldn't help export. He a head wearing a crown, Tsing Yi, wrapped around the waist hanging wire Lun, a waistband, engraved with a "one" word, is the symbol of the chief disciple, a fix for, impressively is refining the ten layer. Sloppy Taoist old face a red, to the students, not like the face of the every family Lord like that outrageous, but have an explanation: "the vast dust son, little girls, afraid of height is very normal, who is not born to be fearless. Bodystockings UK Heart name this thing, can slowly honed. The man, will be a little hard, Bao Jianfeng from sharpen out..." "Master, this sword can still!" The dust will hand a. Sloppy Taoist now a look, whether it is wind or rain falls, all Li Qingshan's eyes can not make the slightest shake the footsteps, but quickly, gallop in the rain. Perhaps he is not smart enough, perhaps not so strong talent, but there are difficult and ambition and courage. (to be continued) Shaolin Road, white Yueli shady trees looked eerie howling at night, the mountain breeze blowing, drive Ning Wan Jun and the small green jade skirt flying. "Miss, why should the Tieniu leave? He is so stupid, can you? Not as in the total altar to find a reliable person to "said tusya puzzled. Bodystockings UK Ning Wanjun has removed the veil, the beautiful appearance in the night did not see, back to Xiao Cui: "you don't understand, Tieniu is stupid, but because he is stupid, can more easily get the Abbot's trust, if find a clever from zongtan to, but also a bad thing". "Smart people would be a bad thing? Why. Tusya very puzzled. "You underestimate the abbot, who have no bottom, I in the pagoda, had removed the veil, nor can cause mood swings his trace, but he did not care about my identity, my martial Bodystockings UK - arts level also look not to come out, on the surface looked at seems not to have what Kung Fu, but in front of the entrance to a roar, clearly is a Buddhist lions roar reached a very high level, but he also deliberately control internal force, the skill and how is incompetent, he is actually very smart, but he was a monk, not for worldly things about it, if you find a clever, but let his mind alert, once he is vigilant, I want to find who go are useless". "He is so powerful, that where I am afraid Tieniu also useless ah?". "No, as long as the,,, indeed in the Shaolin Royal walled mountain words, Tieniu early party find, not to mention rhubarb, rhubarb looking for things can do, but stronger than people much". Tusya nodded: "still miss you thoughtful, than tusya thousands". "Cut it out, night, we quickly go". Ning Wanjun glanced back at night in the Shaolin Temple, and then both in situ and tusya leaping, came to the tree top, feet some branches, like Ling Bo fairy general, vanish into AMORETU the night. sent Ning Wan Jun, Huo Yuanzhen heart some vigilance. Not onlyNow own is not clear her purpose, can only be careful. That night, because the tractor is too big, small temple was to hold him, had to let it go is not fully completed the bedroom for the night. The tiger did not follow the Ning Wan Jun them to leave, but into Yamabayashi Nonaka. The second day early in the morning, Huo Yuanzhen and an empty and others continue to admit the laity, but also by their Tieniu arranged to register the people inside, follow later everyone together to accept the inspection, qualified, to enter the shaolin.
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