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Posted April 23, 2016 by Boser1948

There is new information about the update 2.1 "Shattered Empire" for Blade & Soul!
April 23, 2016 — There is new information about the update 2.1 "Shattered Empire" for Blade & Soul! So now it is clear that waiting dewy seven opponents in the Tower of Mushin on you, as the PvP mode Windsbraut Valley will expire exactly and what you can expect in the two dungeons cold storage and Lonely Bastion.

In one week, the time comes, then comes Update 2.1 "Shattered Empire" on the live server from Blade & Soul. Of the highlights of the patch although we have previously reported, but there is the official site now provides more detailed information about the most important new features of the expansion. We have summarized everything you Important below.

Tower of Mushin: Floors 9-15

The Tower of Mushin is open since Update "Harsh Times" and offers soloists the maximum level a crisp endgame challenge. With the upcoming expansion of the tower at seven new floors will be extended, where you are confronted with completely new enemies you. Which? Look at your opponent in the following gallery. Geting through each floor you can earn Blade & Soul gold in the game.

PvP Windsbraut Valley

The hurricane Valley is a new PvP mode for Blade & Soul, in which teams win and keep certain goals from six fighters have to earn points. At the end of the team, the first 1,800 points is reached or when the time expires with the most points wins.

Points you earn yourselves by constitutes conquered targets and enemy players umboxt. If it is possible you multiple enemies to kill in succession without kissing the ground itself, waving extra points.

After each game will receive their so-called battle points that you can buy you rewards in the new battlefield dealers - materials for upgrades, for example, Baguas or costumes.

Unlike the Arena your equipment is not the way changed by scaling in the wind Bride Valley. Players with high quality clothes so have an advantage. The developers use but that victory can be achieved by a good strategy and teamwork.

Lonely Bastion and cold storage - the new dungeons

The Lone bastion to be the most challenging group challenge of patch 2.1 and is designed for teams of four or six players. According to quality to turn out the prey. In the instance you explore a ruined palace in the icy wasteland of northern Silver Frost summit. Your you fight your way through the defense of the palace, including a small army of elite troops and summoned monsters, only to have it finally with Asura, to get the final boss of Bastion to do.

The cold storage is a new heroic dungeons, which you can only enter once their day - except, it buys you a panel of resetting the cold bearing from Hong Moon shop. The degree of difficulty should be quite low despite the high rewards. As prey waving as Frozen thorns and cold balls. With the latter can earn their Frozen weapons, Hong Moon Craft books and recipes for Klanhandwerk.

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