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Best choice to buy 8% off wow gold during chrismas and new Year holidays

Posted Dec 26, 2014 by fifapal
Best choice to buy 8% off wow gold during chrismas and new Year holidays

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Dec 26, 2014 -- Known to all WOW players that once players hit level 100 in Warlords of Draenor, they can upgrade their garrisons into level three while blueprints are not available immediately. But now a bug occurs that WOW fans can achieve the blueprint of garrison trading post level three directly with some specific operations.
Unlock Trading Post Level Three by Creating Death Knights

Recently, a player posted a thread saying that after creating 8 death knights in some certain servers, he acquired the achievements and unlocked the blueprint of lever 3 trading post.
As we all know that trading post is a medium building. In order to unlock the level 3 blueprints for the Trading Post, WOW players will have to complete the achievement Savage Friends, which requires WOW fans to earn exalted reputation with three different Draenor reputations. The level three building will increase players reputation gain in Draenor by 20%.
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Many WOW players Succeed in Trying This

Ever since this post was released, it brought a great interests into WOW players. Many WOW players tried this in their own Warlords of Draenor and did get their trading post leveled up to level three and acquired the Savage Friends achievements as well as the blueprint. They posted screenshots of the achievements here and there.

Bug or Benefit?

As to this loophole(we call it loophole first), we don’t know whether it is a new garrison bug that need an official patch to get fixed or it is just a holiday benefit from Blizzard for all WOW fans. But one thing is for sure that Blizzard will give announcement later because there are WOW players who have reported this to official Blizzard. So be patient to wait.

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Last Updated : Dec 26, 2014

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