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Benefits of Attending Prayer Retreats

Posted Mar 24, 2015 by AldoMoore
Attend prayer retreats at Franciscan Retreat Center at Oceanside, CA at regular intervals; your body and mind need them.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Mar 24, 2015 -- If you are of the view that prayer retreat is a new concept, you are entirely wrong. It had been with us for centuries. Jesus spent forty days in retreat before beginning his ministry. The activity gets repeated at regular intervals along with his disciples during his three years of public life on earth. When it comes to modern times, the churches all over the world encourage leaders to establish institutions and organize retreats. This is done on the basis of the understanding that spending time with God is a must for a person to face the storms in life. Here are some of the other benefits they have in store for you, for detailed insights click here .
Why go for prayer retreats?
The benefits of attending spiritual retreats at regular intervals are many. Given below is an overview of some of them.
1. You get connected with God
A prayer retreat helps you get connected with God. Freedom from the busy schedule of life is sure to make you feel quite relaxed. When combined with the company of well-meaning friends, the experience becomes a truly refreshing one. The opportunity to spend as much time as you want with God will definitely help you develop new perspectives about life. You are also able to gain new friends and renew your relationship with old acquaintances.
2. You learn from the scripture
If your choice falls on a Christian retreat, you get a chance to learn from the Bible. These types of retreats will have classes where great leaders give inspiring speeches. They are sure to revitalize your zeal for God. Quite naturally, you share the Word of God with those around you when you come back.
3. They help children
Most of the retreat facilities allow entire families to attend the sessions. They even make special arrangements for them. People generally live under the wrong impression that children don’t need retreats; they are always with God. But, the fact is that the stringent regulations at school and the activities afterwards will leave them tired and frustrated. Some time with God will revitalize them and prepare them for the next struggles ahead.
4. You develop a rhythm
There is a rhythm for everything. This includes a time for rest. Everyone knows that sleeping for eight hours is a must if one wants to stay alert all through the day. Observe your surroundings; you will understand that this rhythm is built even into the nature. The four seasons are designed in such a way as to offer rest to every living thing in the universe. When you try to violate this, you lose the abundance God has in store for mankind. A prayer retreat helps you fine-tune yourself with this rhythm; renews your soul, mind and body.
5. Retreat recharges your spirit
When your mobile phone gets discharged, you connect it to a source of power and recharge it. This holds true even for a human being.
Attend prayer retreats at Franciscan Retreat Center at Oceanside, CA at regular intervals; your body and mind need them. Negligence here will create a situation where you find yourself unable to move forward despite your best efforts. To register for retreat go to
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