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Be in control of partial discharge

Posted Apr 14, 2014 by gailblack
In these modern days, waiting for something to occur to electrical apparatus is out of the question, especially when there are worthy solutions available.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Apr 14, 2014 -- In these modern days, waiting for something to occur to electrical apparatus is out of the question, especially when there are worthy solutions available that could resolve some of the most common issues. Take for example partial discharge and the level of harm it could cause to electrical systems and equipment. For assessing the condition of the stator insulation, it is highly recommended to find a reliable partial discharge transformers solution, which could help save a lot of time, energy and money. Controlling and testing should always be done, in order to be well informed about the electrical apparatus’s condition.
Partial discharge is known to be the partial breakdown that appears within the insulation or on the surface of it, eventually causing the appearance of a spark. There are many reasons to explain the phenomenon, including voids, flaws in design or something that exceeds the material’s strength. If actions are not taken at the right time, it will eventually lead to complete failure, as the phenomenon will not go away and will lead to increased decomposition at many levels. However, there is no need to think that the worst will happen, especially if you take the time to look through monitoring partial discharge transformers solutions that will help detect where the activity occurs.
It is proven and many clients have said that partial discharge monitoring solutions have helped them in many situations, as they could better assess the condition of the electrical apparatus. There are some pieces of equipment that do not handle PD very well, such as transformers, cables, switchgear and so on. In their cases, PD will lead to serious insulation damages. This is why partial discharge transformers solutions should be implemented without hesitation, to make sure that equipment will operate normally and without the required intervention of engineers or without downtime.
Many people wonder why there isn’t a lot more interest in developing electrical equipment without the risk of partial discharge to appear. The truth is that designing rotating apparatus is highly difficult. Voids are created within the manufacturing process, when fitting coils and slots and so on. This is why it is more beneficial and risk-free to consider partial discharge transformers monitoring solutions that keep getting more and more efficient and modern. They are non invasive and electrical apparatus can function normally while the monitoring tool is doing its job.
Data gathered can be very valuable to engineers and managers, as it can help them take better decisions and let them know when a certain equipment is about to fail or requires spare parts or actual testing. There are some benefits of online monitoring that no other solutions on the market these days present. It should draw more attention to clients, especially those who really want to improve efficiency in their company or plant and who want to avoid unpleasant situation, especially electrical apparatus failure.
Have you had to handle partial discharge before with your electrical equipment? Why not consider partial discharge transformers that can help you take better decisions and be in better control of the situation?
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Last Updated : Apr 14, 2014

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