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Asbestos air monitoring: keep you and your neighbors safe

Posted Apr 26, 2014 by JulyRed
If you are the owner of a home or building constructed during the 1950’s – 1980’s, you’ll most probably find asbestos on your property. As you may know, the material,

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Apr 26, 2014 -- If you are the owner of a home or building constructed during the 1950’s – 1980’s, you’ll most probably find asbestos on your property. As you may know, the material, largely used in construction throughout the 1900’s, was banned by the Australian government in 2003. The new legislation states that damaged or crumbling asbestos must be removed from buildings; during removal works, authorized consultants must conduct asbestos air testing to ensure everyone’s safety.

Asbestos has many great physical properties: it’s fire resistant, it’s a good insulator, it absorbs sound, it’s light and it’s very strong. Moreover, in the 1900’s it was a cheap material, so it’s no wonder that it was used so widely in the construction industry. However, in time people discovered that asbestos is toxic. Prolonged asbestos exposure can trigger many severe health issues, including several types of cancer. Therefore, asbestos presence in a home or large building should not be taken lightly; you need to hire an authorized firm to conduct a rigorous inspection and check for all suspicious materials. Be very careful about the specialists you choose; asbestos air testing is a necessity in all removal works, not matter what some specialists may tell you.

There are two cases where you’ll need to take immediate action and remove asbestos: if you’re renovating your property or if you find crumbled or broken asbestos. Well-kept homes, even if they do contain asbestos, are generally considered to be safe; that’s because asbestos isn’t harmful unless deteriorated or broken. Once the material breaks, it releases fibers into the atmosphere, so the air becomes toxic. However, extra safety measures can’t hurt: even if there is no visible damage to the material, specialists should nonetheless perform asbestos air monitoring. Good professionals will conduct asbestos air testing all throughout the asbestos removal process, so as to ensure your safety, that of the workers and the safety of your close community. The law has set strict guidelines for asbestos air monitoring; if a property owner wishes to renovate the building or suspects asbestos presence on the property, he or she must immediately get assistance from specialized companies.

Asbestos air monitoring is a necessity for public safety. You shouldn’t compromise on the services you get from professionals. Make sure that the team you work with is authorized, knowledgeable in all that concerns asbestos removal and that it has plenty of experience in this field. Moreover, the professionals you pick must be insured. If they are not, this can lead to serious law issues, particularly if one of your neighbors makes a complaint. Health authorities say that asbestos air testing must be performed whenever renovations or removals works are under way. Professional companies can provide a whole range of services so that you can quickly and efficiently deal with asbestos presence on your property: they’ll conduct thorough inspections, they’ll analyze the quality of the air and they’ll offer asbestos removal services at advantageous prices. When it comes to such a sensitive matter, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Spend that little extra bit to get quality services! It’s for your own good.

Keep you and your neighbors safe: conduct asbestos air monitoring on your property. Look for an authorized company which can deliver quality asbestos air testing services.
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