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Arranging for a home swap in London

Posted Jun 28, 2014 by tomjones
Those who want to travel to the capital city of England and the United Kingdom and keep their travel expenses low, at the same time, should consider a home swap in London or home exchange in London.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Jun 28, 2014 -- A home swap in London or home exchange in London is a relatively new practice among today's means of travel accommodation, being preferred not only by those who want to keep their expenses low when travelling to new destinations, but also by people who want to live like locals and enjoy better a different culture.

To experience this kind of adventure, those interested need to register on a home exchange vacation website and present their house accurately for other people interested in swapping homes to see. Usually, websites like this request a certain membership fee; this fee is required especially to keep people that are not well intended at a distance.

The registration process is very easy; you need to complete an application form and, after you become a full member of the website community, you get the chance to contact potential exchange guests. Although registration is not required to browse listings, it is necessary to be a website member in order to be able to promote your exchange offer.

If you live in London and want to spend a vacation in France or Spain, you should advertise your home swap in London or home exchange in London by mentioning that you are interested in these particular countries. Be as specific as you can, so that you will be contacted only by people who would like to visit London and who live in the exact countries that you are interested in.

Another thing that has to be mentioned in your online offer is represented by your preferences regarding your future exchange guests. In other words, if you believe that children or pets could damage your house, it is best to write down this from the very beginning in your offer, thus stay away from families with children or who like to travel with their pets.

In general, people advertising their home on home exchange vacation websites mentione the time and date when they would like to visit a certain country or region. However, an ad is not an agreement, and the time and date can be changed to suit both parties’ requirements.

Statistics show that people who introduce themselves to the other members of a home exchange website community have more chances of finding a successful home swap. So, besides describing your home and providing your target audience with some accurate photos of the house, you should also present yourself, your partner, and children, if any.

You do not have to upload photos of yourself or your family to gain more credibility; just say a few words about yourself, like your age, profession, and interests. This would allow other people to get a clue about your personality and lifestyle.

Afterwards, take the time to create a standardised letter that you would use in case of every person or family that you contact on the home exchange vacation website. At the same time, compile a message that you would send to every community member contacting you. Just remember to personalise each message with the name of the person who writes you or whom you write to.

When you finally manage to find an appropriate match for your home swap, sign an exchange agreement with your exchange partner. Home exchange websites can help you in this regard, too, by providing you with a sample exchange agreement that you only need to personalise with your names, travel dates and exact exchange conditions.
Want to see the British Museum, Piccadilly Circus, or the Tower of London and you do not have enough money to begin your adventure? Forget about high hotel bills and consider an economical way to travel, which is represented by home swapping. Choose a home swap in London or home exchange in London and start planning your next trip today.
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Last Updated : Jun 28, 2014

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