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Are Apples the Key to Fresh Breath?

Posted Apr 11, 2015 by gwes2015
New oral rinse, Amazing Breath claims the mild acid in apples is the key ingredient for 24/7 kissing fresh breath.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Apr 11, 2015 -- Amazing Breath, manufactured by All USA Direct, LLC, has a patent protecting its formula which features the mild, natural acid found in apples. Dr. Bob Kross, a biochemist who has been developing oral health-care products since the 1980s, invented the Amazing Breath formula.

“Unlike most bad breath products, Amazing Breath not only destroys the sulfurous oral malodorants but kills putrefying anaerobic bacteria in the oral cavity, the source of bad breath,” Dr. Kross says.

All of us have bacteria in the mouth – that’s normal and indeed necessary. Food particles, soft tissue debris and the warm, dark, moist environment of the mouth allow bacteria to thrive. Most are washed via saliva into the stomach, but those that remain, many trapped in the low-oxygen nooks and crannies of the mouth, continually feed and grow, digesting the trapped food and cell products creating a bacteria imbalance. The waste products of these putrefying anaerobic bacteria are the smelly gas molecules which can make one’s breath range from mildly unpleasant to absolutely disgusting.

Anaerobic bacteria are non-oxygen breathing bacteria, and will die instantly in presence of oxygen. “We needed to create an oxidizing system that was both palatable and powerful enough to remain in solution long enough to reach all areas of the mouth,” says Dr. Kross, he adds that “because the powerful oxidizing capacity of the activated Amazing Breath solution is short-lived, it’s impossible to distribute the solution in a single bottle. So combining two solutions, just before each use, is necessary to create the needed oxidizing action,” he says.

“We use a proprietary mix of both the apple acid (malic) and naturally-occurring lactic acid to activate sodium chlorite,” Kross says. “Using Amazing Breath as directed provides a strongly oxidizing solution that not only eliminates odor molecules but lasts long enough to destroy the bacteria that create them.”

Most products do not improve the oral bacteria imbalance; in fact, they may either temporarily disguise mouth odor or, in some cases, just degrade the odor-causing molecules but not the responsible bacteria. And some products may even make matters worse by drying the mouth. Brushing and flossing only reach 25 percent of mouth surfaces, so the vast majority of the trapped bacteria are unaffected. Adding a freshly-activated oxidizing rinse to your daily oral routine can correct an anaerobic bacteria imbalance. Kross says, “Scientists agree that a mouth without this imbalance is a mouth with fresh breath.”

About Dr. Bob Kross
Dr. Bob Kross is a biochemist associated with All USA Direct,), producer of Amazing Breath products. Many of Kross’ 40 U.S. patents reflect his interest in biomedical areas, including oral antimicrobials and associated conditions and diseases.
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Last Updated : Apr 11, 2015

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