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Analysis On The Development Of Led Lamps And Indoor Lighting Requirements

Posted Feb 9, 2015 by krauser0105
LED flood lights market opportunity is huge, broad space for development. LED lighting application from development to indoor outdoor landscape lighting LED lighting applications in the past.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Feb 9, 2015 -- []Led Flood Light[/url]market opportunity is huge, broad space for development. []Led Lighitng application[/url] from development to indoor outdoor landscape lighting LED lighting applications in the past. According to the analysis of LED lighting development within the next five years will be an exponential growth trend. 2011, its output will be up to tens of billions of dollars. 2009 the EU take the lead in implementing in particular disabled incandescent plan, concern and energy saving issues, creating a huge market opportunity and optimism LED interior lighting of the future.
Development of high power Blue [url=]Led Strip[/url] depends on two major elements: one is the chip itself; second, lighting technology, include thermal, optical, driving. First of all is the chip, at present, the LED chip substrates and epitaxial growth of materials is the key to the development of technology. Scaffold from a traditional blue sapphire material, Silicon, and silicon carbide, to the development of new materials such as zinc oxide, gallium nitride. LED network of excellence is the focus for the lighting and general lighting high power chip, is also used for decorative lighting and some simple auxiliary lighting and low-power chip, technology upgrading critical about how to develop more efficient and stable chip. In just a few years, with the help of included device structure, surface roughening process and multiple-quantum-well structure design, a series of technical improvements, LED luminous efficiency to achieve quantum leaps. Thin film chip technology is at the heart of super bright LED chip production technology, reducing the light output losses on the side of, and with the help of 97% above a reflecting surface at the bottom of the light from the front output. This not only significantly improve the efficiency of LED, lens design creates a superior accommodation.

Actually from LED panel of development yilai people has been concern it of using life, if just relies on using low heat resistance of LED components is failed to for lamps device construction good of thermal system, and must effective to reduces from PN node to around environment of hot resistance, to greatly reduced LED of PN node temperature, and success practice extended [url=]LED lamps[/url] of using life and improve actual flux of target. LED network of excellence than conventional lamps, PCB is LED-powered carrier, also LED the heat carrier, so the heat sink thermal and printed circuit board design is very important. In addition, lighting manufacturers also need to consider the heat sink material quality, thickness and size as well as factors such as thermal interface and connections.

Optical design of LED lighting, compared with traditional lamps, directional and point lights are the most typical characteristics of LED lighting key optical design department. By binary optical design LED, LED lamps can achieve better light distribution curve. As the current largest indoor LED lighting application development market lighting needs very bright light, high light transmission rate of shade can be used to improve light extraction efficiency. Or the application of Lightguide technology to lighting, which changes the LED dot light source to light, not only can improve light distribution uniformity of the lighting, also prevents glare. Can also be used with some focusing lens or reflector to highlight the concentrating effect of illuminating objects for practical ideal optical effects.

High power LED lighting technology challenges, even if LED Interior accent lighting and decorative lighting has been a satisfactory performance in the application, but in General still faces many challenges in the lighting and mood lighting applications, including the replacement cost, lower color temperature of light effects, color-rendering index and system reliability. Cost is relatively sensitive factors in indoor lighting, especially in home lighting applications. Although the models more and more LED lights, luminous efficiency is constantly increasing, but prices are high the problem still exists. But when the price of LED light source reduction, optimization of overall system design, the total cost will surely fall. LED excellence network

LED lighting improve the photosynthetic efficiency of low color temperature when low color temperature of 4000K Interior home lighting is usually preferred. Warm white light makes the environment more warm and relaxed and Leng Baiguang you give people a feeling of clean, efficient and bright, more suitable for Office and outdoor lighting. Extended service life of LED lamps, improving system reliability. General lighting applications, the overall efficiency, service life and reliability of the LED must be optimized to be enhanced by system. LED networks of excellence LED lighting: Compact, high performance, a variety of color and output choices. Power: AC, battery and other power supply converts the high security and low-voltage, constant-current power supply. Control and drive: using electronic circuits LED constant current driver and control. Thermal management: to achieve a longer service life, control LED temperature node is very important, and thermal analysis are also indispensable. Optics: lens, reflector or light guide material are optical components of light focused on the target area may be necessary.

With the rapid development of LED technology and LED lighting effect increased gradually, LED the increasingly widely used. Especially with the increasingly serious global energy shortage, people more and more attention to the development of LED lighting market prospects, LED is the potential of replacing incandescent, tungsten and fluorescent light. In addition, in terms of interior lighting design, LED the trend of energy conservation, humanity and art.
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