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Always With You with Tru-ID Biometrics Access Control

Posted Mar 6, 2015 by borerpr
The convenience of biometrics is obvious to anyone who accesses secure premises on a regular basis. The ability to replace existing token or password based systems with a biometric fingerprint delivers for a more secure environment.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Mar 6, 2015 -- It reduces the very real and documented risk associated with maintaining a token or password based system. Always having your password with you and never forgetting it is a convenience we can all benefit from.

Tru-ID is a Biometric based Physical Access Control system using fingerprints to identify those users with access authorisation which supports up to 400 users on each site. With Tru-ID there is no need to carry tokens or cards or remember PIN numbers. Just touch the fingerprint sensor with your finger and your fingerprint is scanned.

Tru-ID offers live finger detection and spoofing protection. Spoofing is the use of artificial fingerprints in an attempt to manipulate the system into granting access.

Compatible with your computer network, enabling access points on all sites to be connected over the company network and using the same network to transfer biometric fingerprint templates and access credentials between sites which will provide easy access for personnel who need access more than one location.

All types of business, large and small, can realise security, productivity and cost reduction benefits by using Tru-ID to control and maintain an audit trail of access to premises, processes, equipment, information and property.

How Tru-ID Works

Tru-ID stores the fingerprint templates at the reader. This approach has advantages in that it delivers the quickest response whenever a finger is presented for authentication. However, this approach does not normally lend itself to situations where the user needs to be authenticated at multiple locations.

Tru-ID overcomes this by sending the fingerprint template to all the onsite readers whenever a new user is enrolled. A user can be enrolled at any reader, provided the reader is set to support enrolment, eliminating the need and the extra cost of a dedicated enrolment reader.

You must first enrol before you can use your finger to gain access. Enrolment is a simple process of having your finger scanned twice in succession. On enrolment, fingerprints are automatically distributed to all readers across the site.

The enrolment reader will give the fingerprint a unique reference number. To complete the enrolment process, your details and access credentials together with the biometric reference number are input into the access control database.

Once enrolled, you can immediately use your finger to gain entry at any onsite reader, provided you have the required permission. Simply touch the fingerprint sensor to have your finger scanned. The scanned fingerprint is compared to the list of stored fingerprints held in the reader’s memory. When a match is found, your access credentials are checked for time, date and location authority before access is granted. Should you visit another site, your fingerprint template is imported as soon as you report to reception.

BORER design and manufacture market-leading access control, attendance management and alarm monitoring hardware and software since 1975. The company consistently strive to innovate within the market sector in which they operate. BORER has committed to a 'Clean Design' policy which ensures that its products are highly energy-efficient; have low environmental impact during manufacture, and consume the minimum amount of materials. For more information on BORER, please visit
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Last Updated : Mar 6, 2015

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