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All is Right with the World, S.E.L.F.I.E.S are Coming to WoW with safewow wow gold cheap

Posted Feb 1, 2015 by fifapal
All is Right with the World, S.E.L.F.I.E.S are Coming to WoW with safewow wow gold cheap

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Feb 1, 2015 -- For realsies, I love this. Love it. I would’a paid good wow gold for this, but we get it for free. Well, sort of, there’s a tough mission attached to it, but I’ll get into those deets in a bit. Selfie’s are coming to WoW.

Finally, a proper venue for me to bask in my own glory. Forget building a garrison and recruiting officers and followers, this is all about ME. I can finally take pictures of my beautiful mug and foist it upon an unsuspecting public.

Right now, the camera’s still only available on PTR 6.1, but hopefully it won’t be too much longer before it gets released on the reg servers. I know a lot of hardcore folks like to dabble on the PTR’s, but I only ever check ‘em out from time to time, why taste the bacon while it’s still on the fire, when a little patience means you get a nice crispy, crunchy, succulent morsel. Ahem!

You can’t just roll up to a vendor, throw down some wow gold and walk away with a camera. You’ve got to earn it. Basically, you can get the camera if you complete a new, rare, level 100 garrison mission called field photography. The mission itself clocks in at about 4 hours, so be sure to set aside a good chunk of time, and if you need to, stock up on cheap wow gold from the PIG, we got ya covered.

Once you’ve got the camera, you can start taking pics. What’s cool is that once you equip the camera, your character starts making all kindsa goofy faces. Duck faces, pouty blue steel’s… you name it. It’s high-larious. It’s also a darn smart way to show off the beauty of all the new character models.

Blizzard being Blizzard though, it doesn’t end there. There’s ANOTHER rare mission you can take called “Lens some Hands” (Blizzard, you slay me), that’ll reward you with a S.E.L.F.I.E. Lens Upgrade Kit. Once you apply it to your camera, it’ll be auto-upgraded to a S.E.L.F.I.E. Camera MkII. This is where things get really interesting.

From here, you can add the camera to your Toy Box and use it with all of your toons. You also have access to some cool Instagram-style filters. Right now there are only three, a black and white filter, sketch filter, and a death filter. Hopefully the blizz will see fit to grace us with more.

See you on the plains, and remember, if you need some cheap wow gold, come to the safewow , we’ll sort you pit lickety-split, no fuss, no muss.
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