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About letterhead printing

Posted Jul 13, 2014 by SaraBro
Letterhead printing is the operation of printing documents that showcase at the top of the document a company logo, motto, or other details that transmit a piece of information about a company.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Jul 13, 2014 -- Letterhead printing is the practice of imprinting documents with pieces of information that usually promote a company. Among the most common details companies use to promote themselves through this means, we can include their name, logo, phone number, address, or motto.
However, not all companies want their name or logo to be imprinted on all their documents. Some of them try to be original and imprint their stationery with positive quotes or motivational words that are different for each of the pages of a stack. Besides text, companies can use images for their letterhead printing.
Letterheads can be created by marketing firms or by talented individuals. These ones can either think of a catchy slogan that would be printed on each form used by a company, or of a design that would incorporate all the values of a company. Because we are living in the technological era, letterheads are almost always created with the help of software.
Once they are completed, they are saved as an image file. Then, test prints are being made to ensure that the final result would look perfect. If the letterhead is printed only on the first page of a large document, it is recommended the page be of a higher quality than the rest of them, especially if the letterhead consists of an image.
A letterhead can be printed on virtually any type of document, from a blank sheet of paper to a stack of standardised NCR pads. Sometimes, this practice can be combined with other marketing technique, namely with booklet printing, which is the practice of printing literally "little books" having the purpose of promoting a company, service, or product, or just of transmitting a certain message.
As an example, booklet printing can be used to print short stories for children, recipes for cooks, brain games for those who want to develop their intelligence, memory, or creativity, jokes for people who want to enjoy a good laugh, or advice on how to take care of garden plants for those passionate about gardens. But the most important use of a booklet is the one of promoting something.
Booklets are usually imprinted on high-quality paper, because, in most cases, they feature images, as well, not only text. This kind of paper makes them very appropriate for letterheads, too. A good example of combining these marketing techniques can refer to those booklets that display travel photos or various pieces of advice and that are imprinted with a certain company logo or name at the top of the front page.
The good thing is that those photos or pieces of advice do not have to be related to that particular company; in fact, the booklet can be the creation of an entirely different company. This is how marketing manages to be stronger: by combining more techniques with the purpose of achieving the same goal.
Interested in promoting your company, service, product, venue, or event? Consider an original marketing technique, like booklet printing or letterhead printing , and benefit from the advantages provided by such techniques. Learn more about our printing services and their benefits by visiting our website.
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