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Posted Mar 21, 2014 by sarahcoolen
Wearing quality and well-tailored abitiuomo will not only make a good impression for the others, but it will also make you feel more self-confident.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Mar 21, 2014 -- Wearing quality and well-tailored abitiuomo will not only make a good impression for the others, but it will also make you feel more self-confident. But finding the perfect suit in a store is not an easy quest and it might take you forever to create a wardrobe perfect for a modern gentleman. Tailoring your shirts and pants in a sartoria is a much better solution to receive quality and style at once.
It is hard to underestimate the power of image and clothing. People have the tendency to make a general impression about someone even from the first contact with that person, just based on his or her appearance. This is very important when you work with people every single day because if you want to win their respect, you have to make a good impression from the first time you meet them. You will receive respect, appreciation and support from the others just because you let them know that your outfit has been chosen carefully for them. It is an effort to iron, brush and shine your clothes and shoes.
But clothing can even change your state of mind. When you wear something that fits you well, you feel more confident and you transmit this to the others. Dress in a well-tailored suit and you will feel like a professional businessman. It is always said: ‘dress for the job you want and not for the one you have’. Your clothes send a subtle message to you and to everyone else around you. Being well-dressed will not change your life overnight, but it will create the circumstances to reach our objectives faster.
But what does it mean to be well-dresses? What are the rules of a perfect outfit for a man? It is not easy to define a general rule, but quality is always essential, no matter the design. Invest in a few, yet better abitiuomoand you will win much more than if you had more suits with a lower quality. Don’t forget about finding a good fit. A suit that is too big or too small will let the others know that something is wrong about your outfits, even though it might be a subtle difference.
To get that perfect fit, you can create a bespoke suit in a sartoria. It is more difficult to find exactly what you like and what fits you the best in a store and it might take you ages just to create a wardrobe of your taste. Ordering your shirts and pants at a sartoria will save you from all the unnecessary stress. Pick the design, the materials and the colors you like and you will have a suit that will make you feel ready to start the day on a positive note.
At Fuchs & Co you can create some incredible abiti uomo for every occasion. This online sartoria allows you to design the shirts and the pants with the materials, colors, accessories and the cuts that you want in order to create a wardrobe that suits you perfectly!
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Last Updated : Mar 21, 2014

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