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A woman, born to be fuck

Posted Apr 23, 2015 by vickyhepan
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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Apr 23, 2015 -- The key time - more than 20 years old

Deliciouslingeries.comSomeone says: women from birth to the age of 18, need a good family, 18 to 35, need good appearance, 35 to 55, need a good personality, 55 years old later, need a lot of money.

Some people might say I never 18, but I have always felt that, at the age of 18 is in a state, or buy underwear online anything but ran after the second, everything became clear.A woman, in their 20 s, should be the best time, tighten the skin, a healthy body, just a clothes seem to is very beautiful, and in the ability to learn the strongest energy most of the time, should slowly to understand a little bit of fashion, to understand their own bodily form is suitable for any type of clothes, understand the color of their skin color is suitable for what to wear clothes, learn make-up, (not necessarily make-up, but must learn to.)Prepare for own,40,50 30 years old, the family of those Fashion lady, also is not a day of practice, the real Fashion tips and style, by the time to accumulate.

【 write Carmen dell ollie, young 】

More than 20 years old dress shoes:

For more than 20 years old, the dress is very simple things.Young as the capital of young body, literally a jeans t-shirts can be very good.But want to be able to bear or endure look also depends on temperament, temperament is good, the figure is good, don't eat a hamburger, ice cream, and cried out, lose weight), occasionally reading fashion magazine, from the tide people learn some skills collocation, accumulate over a long period of experiment, slowly will have your own style!

Women must learn to wear high heels.I believe that many girls will not wear high heels, think high heels too tired!And BF wind wantonly popular boys style, girls like to buy underwear and wear sneakers, but no one would not like an elegant and sexy woman in high heels!And beautiful always comes at a cost.

Mr Mr Bo said the woman, born to be stunner, "flat shoes is the most typical snob, to the foot of the beautiful, the ugly foot down.""The beauty of high-heeled shoes is make the woman's breasts, not cover is not pretty, is not is to cast somersault. And once stand out, pointing to the smelly man eyes..."The importance of online women shopping high heels for a woman.Of course, if you are a man love you love to death, don't let you wear, that's another thing.

The movie "moulin rouge" in the mood for love, nicole?Kidman feet high heels, maggie cheung cheongsam of high-heeled shoes, which outline a pair of jade leg too slender and beautiful, breathtaking beauty.

More than 20 years old makeup and shape:

Women in their 20 s, as coagulate fat, don't need to how much powder also have very beautiful, so don't make up, to a certain extent also depends on how much a hardworking woman.This sentence is the premise of you can make up!When you keep the appointment, you spent a delicate makeup look, on a date with you, because you value and very happy.

How many girls are now no makeup, no skin care that see BBS more, take a look at some magazines, choose according to their own skin for skin care cosmetics, don't follow suit to buy famous brand, suitable for yourself is the most important thing.(you say follow suit to buy designer bags designer clothes, at least other people can see the logo, the clean face, who knows you are using is famous brand or what? So please choose to suit oneself good?)

On the body:

Mr Mr Bo in the woman, born to be stunner, also said such a sentence: personality and noble woman, so the weight loss weight loss, Britain's queen Elizabeth ii lady, you always can't say she is lower than your personality, she is hard to lose weight.

So don't be complaining about being too fat, feel the body is inferior to others good, tube shut up, move around, not only will have a good body, also can have a good appearance!

Why want to say this is the key time:

1. Because you will become a fashionable tutor children: more than 20 years old this palace as the most critical time, because in this time, the children of the more mature, less in this time, have time and energy to study Experience things, and a lot of women in their 20 s also marry for people in this time, upgraded to a mother.The mother to the child's taste training is very important, a mother, you have good taste on children choose suitable for generous and fashionable things for their children, let the children know how to wear clothes at an early age, how to dress, how to show myself!

At the age of 2.60 his will

In fact, every age is the best age, is to see how are we going to live, in what kind of mentality to face.Every one of the oldest Fashion, eyes are full of light color, in addition to the cumulative youth Fashion tips and experience, more is inner temperament!When a woman approached slowly fashion, fashion, clothing, will slowly understand, what is the true meaning of fashion!And this requires we use time to experience to find!

Enclosed in the final period of Mr. Mr Bo, hope every woman love the family, love children at the same time, more love her own:

Inner beauty completely on their own practice, and practice reading and reflection.Mr Mr Bo said inner beauty can never replace appearance, if so, that is meant to deceive people, empty words to comfort.But in the mind, heart, kind, benevolent man, appearance is often kind;While LanWu evil people, appearance is almost juryman.Movie audiences can see at a glance "good man" and "bad guys", is based on the "heart" the principle of "phase" can influence each other.Alas, inner beauty can at least on the jade to increase the dignity of the beautiful luster and self-confidence.And that's what the smelly man admire also.

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