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A Laconic Guide to Buy a Projector for Presentation and Other Purposes

Posted Jun 9, 2014 by tedmark
Projectors have become more commonplace than they were ten or fifteen years back. During late 1990s and the first half of the following decade

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) Jun 9, 2014 -- Projectors have become more commonplace than they were ten or fifteen years back. During late 1990s and the first half of the following decade, these optical instruments were mainly used in conference rooms and in movie theatres. However, with days passing, these optical devices became smaller and more portable. Now-a-days, many consumers are using these devices for transforming their home entertainment systems into full-scale home theatres. The advent of HD and 3D has actually revolutionized the projector and related technologies. While home theatre optical devices are used for the implied purpose, multimedia projectors help in rich media collaboration and faster data transfer. Therefore, these projectors are ideal for office presentations and board meetings. Whichever type of device you need, you always have plenty of options on the web.
Determine the purpose first
Modern-day portable projectors are implemental in giving presentations during official meetings and for watching movies on larger screen as well. Big Screen TVs have even failed to live up to the expectations of some consumers. They look for optical devices that can project bigger resolution videos and images. As these gizmos are extremely easy to carry, you can use optical implements in home or office. However, you need to determine the purpose for which you are going to buy a projector. Is it for giving presentations only? Or you wish to use the device for watching movies and other types of multimedia content at your home? If you are going to use the device with a TV, you need to look for a compatible product for your HDTV. Call your satellite operator to get some ideas and suggestions as well.
Are you looking for a portable projector?
Multimedia projectors are highly recommended for independent professionals and executives who are often required to give presentations before the top brass, clients and stakeholders. These optical appliances are compatible with DVD players, laptops, VCR etc and the in-built functions can help you switch between resolutions and customize your presentation. These are quite different from the counterparts that are best used for home theatres and watching TV on larger screen. These projectors are usually smaller in size compared to the home theatre versions and you can easily transfer the projector from one room to another and travel longer distances at ease. Top brands offer protective casing and storage implements that are great for keeping the device safeguarded against possible damages inflicted by external conditions such as bad weather etc.
Video and image projection technology types
Many people, who have not yet used optical devices like this, share a sketchy idea about projector. However, if you ask someone in the knowing, chances are there that he will broadly classify the projectors in the following types.
• LCD projectors: LCD optical devices beam sharp and vibrant images and the characters on the screen are clearly noticeable. These projectors are ideal for dimly lit rooms.
• DLP projectors: The second type, these projectors win the show for being lightweight as these devices use digital chips. Picture quality and pixilation is decent, nothing like LCD variants although.
Compare your options before buying a projector online.

Looking to buy a projector for watching movies or presentation purposes? Visit My Projector AU to compare the specs and price of different projectors offered by Australian and international big brands.
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Last Updated : Jun 9, 2014

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