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Sino Gold Ltd. Issues Positive Reports On Maoling Delta Site

Sino Gold Ltd. has completed in depth surveys on its Maoling delta site, the companies forth acquisition in the mountainous region.
by chriswang On Mar 28, 2014

Health Point Inc. Documents Stem Cell Links To Improving Angiogenesis Research

A series of clinical studies published by senior researchers at by Health Point Inc. has evidenced a direct co-relation between stem cell research to produce and stimulate new capillaries, a process known as angiogenesis.
by reginaldanderson On Mar 28, 2014

Corrosion experts to meet at Hilton Doha, Qatar in April!

SIPCHEM to present at the 3rd Annual Corrosion Management Summit in Qatar
by madhura On Mar 27, 2014

Interactive Workshop in Abu Dhabi to discuss economic and environmental impact of Gas Flaring

Discussing the growing environmental concern and tackle challenges surrounding gas flaring reduction.
by madhura On Mar 26, 2014

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by estoretronics On Mar 25, 2014

Ensuring a brighter banking future in the Middle East

Global banking leaders will meet at the 9th Annual Middle East Retail Banking Forum to discuss the future of retail banking.
by madhura On Mar 24, 2014

Sino-Sud Resources Recent Property Acquisitions Reassessed

An extensive reassessment of one of Sino-Sud's most recent acquisitions has resulted in a significant reduction of expected total yield for the property.
by ramonchua On Mar 24, 2014

Doha conference to track developments in the petrochemicals industry

Qatar University to present at the 4th Annual Global Petrochemicals Technology Conference to be held in Doha.
by madhura On Mar 24, 2014

Buying ceramide tablets

We live in a world where our physical appearance is an important criterion on how people perceive and treat us and for that reason, taking goo
by JulyRed On Mar 23, 2014

Emerging Technologies for Safer and Smarter Roads in Middle East

Future global strategies for road safety across the world and in GCC Region to be discussed at the Middle East Road Safety & ITS Summit.
by madhura On Mar 23, 2014

Tips for wedding decorations on the beach

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by KavinKimble On Mar 22, 2014

Capturing the Beautiful Moments with Big Day Photography

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by KavinKimble On Mar 22, 2014

Have you heard about jewelry from child’s art?

People have been wearing jewelries for millennia, but the variety of such items has perhaps never been wider than today. Amazingly beautiful and various bracelets and necklaces used to
by JulyRed On Mar 20, 2014

Order the cutest child designed jewelry

Do you often find yourself searching for your car keys through an entire pile of sketches and drawings made by your children? If you cannot part with your offspring’s works
by JulyRed On Mar 20, 2014

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by JulyRed On Mar 20, 2014

Ceramide skin support tablets

If there was a magic key to staying healthy and beautiful, there is no doubt every person on the Planet would do anything to get it. Unfortunately, no one has discovered it yet.
by JulyRed On Mar 20, 2014

Sino-Sud Resources Considers Alternative Markets To Raise Capital

As it becomes increasingly unlikely that Sino-Sud Resources will list on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange; company management is pursuing other options for raising required capital for expansion.
by ramonchua On Mar 18, 2014

Beauty of cork flooring

Nothing compares with the comfort you can find in your home. The feeling is unique and this is why so many homeowners put a lot of effort in decorating their houses, in choosing the right furniture
by JulyRed On Mar 18, 2014

Choose and install cork underlayment

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by JulyRed On Mar 18, 2014

Why choose cork floors

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by JulyRed On Mar 18, 2014