Rubber Rings Factory Introduces How To Choose Pe Pipe

Posted January 21, 2021 by yuyaojinghaiboo

Rubber Rings Factory introduces the characteristics of high-quality PE pipes
Rubber Rings Factory introduces the characteristics of high-quality PE pipes

1. Appearance: The inner and outer surfaces of the pipeline are smooth, free of defects such as bubbles, dents and impurities.

2. Milling strips: When manufacturing products produced with qualified raw materials, the strips cut by the welder should be bright in color and not easy to break after repeated folding. The whitening of milling strips or the appearance of other colors are caused by the addition of recycled materials or uneven mixing of raw materials. It is characterized by gloss, smoothness, and resistance to breakage after repeated folding.

3. Qualified welded joints should have smooth and symmetrical flanges on the entire circumference of the pipe, and the minimum depth of the flange shall not be lower than the surface of the pipe; Misalignment near the flange on any outer edge of the weld on both sides The amount should not exceed 10% of the thickness of the pipe wall; the flange should be firm and smooth, with a wide root. There should be no impurities, small holes, deformation and damage under the flanging.

4. Smell: The product that has just been processed or heated and melted has a slight plastic aroma, and the product after cooling has no peculiar smell.

5. Combustion flame: stable combustion and melting, the bottom of the flame is light blue, no peculiar smell.
6. The elongation at break refers to the ratio of the length of the sample at break to the original length. The higher the elongation at break, the softer the product and the better the performance.

7. Oxidation induction time is the time to determine the autocatalytic oxidation reaction of the sample under high-temperature oxygen conditions. It is an index to evaluate the heat-resistant degradation ability of the material during molding, storage, welding and use. The longer the oxidation induction time, the better the aging resistance and the better the product performance.

Through the above introduction, Pe Tubes Manufacturers hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.
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