this is still the most buy mt offensive means for the Rockets

Posted May 7, 2019 by vivian123

But at the crucial moment, this is still the most reliable offensive buy mt for the Rockets.
In the last minute of overtime, Harden faced Igo on the outside, even though Igo was always in front of Harden, and before Harden shot, he tried his best to step forward and straighten his long arm. Deep interference, but the ball thrown by Harden finally broke into the basket accurately. Can you say that Igo is not well guarded? Obviously not, because Io’s buy mt is perfect no matter from the timing, the footsteps, or the timing of the interference. It’s just that Harden’s personal buy mt is too strong. Once he finds his hand, then any defense is in front of him. They are all in vain.

In extra time 26.7 seconds, the Rockets' key attack buy mt to be handled by Harden, while Igo was still in front of him, but this time, Igo, who has always been a boss, made a fatal myteam coins 2k19 on the defensive end. As you can see, his position is too far to the left (Hardden's right hand), and this is also a taboo against Harden. Seeing his buy mt offering such a big gift, Harden is naturally happy to laugh, only to see him. Struggling to kill the penalty area along the left, even though Green quickly left his defensive buy myteam points 2k19 to interfere, but it was a late step. After Harden hit the ball, the Rockets completely sealed the victory.
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