Electric Bike Factory Introduces The Reasons Why Electric Cars Are Easy To Run Out Of Electricity

Posted December 23, 2020 by taizhousuqier

Electric Bike Factory introduced that the battery test is normal, but the electric bike can't run far. What should I do?
Electric Bike Factory introduced that the battery test is normal, but the electric bike can't run far. What should I do?

1. The general user will naturally associate the reason that the electric car does not run far as the battery. In fact, this is a very wrong understanding! When electronic products are in use, their own energy release will have a direct impact on temperature changes. In our daily life, we often see that some users are used to putting the standby charger in the outdoor electric car basket or other places at any time for use at any time! Batteries are electronic products, and their battery parameters will change significantly with long-term use and unreasonable placement.

2. Electric vehicle motor is a part that continuously provides power for electric vehicle. Its quality directly affects the mileage of electric vehicle. In the production workshop, the batteries produced by different manufacturers or the same manufacturer are not the same. Under the same conditions, the difference rate of the batteries produced by brand manufacturers and high-quality manufacturers will be relatively small, which guarantees the battery capacity of the same specification to the greatest extent the same. In short, the better the quality of the battery, the smaller the brand difference! At the same time, in the context of battery production, the better the quality of the battery, the better the performance of the motor, the more power, the longer the service life! The opposite is worse! Therefore, when choosing electric vehicles to buy, we still adhere to the principle of preferential purchase to reduce motor errors from the source! At the same time, the life of the motor is proportional to the use time. The longer the use time of the electric vehicle, the shorter the future life of the motor!

3. The controller plays a role of undervoltage protection and output current control for electric vehicles. The controller generally has a fixed control value before it is put into use. When the voltage is close to or lower than the control value, it will cut off the current in advance to protect the voltage! This kind of prompt is mainly manifested as the under-voltage lamp lights up and the electric vehicle power supply stops. When the controller cuts off the current output in advance, it indicates that the controller itself may be malfunctioning. This leads to the phenomenon that the battery detection is barrier-free, but the electric vehicle does not run far!

4. The degree of brake tightness directly affects the mechanical performance of the brake. When the brake is too tight, the harder the car runs, the greater the power consumption. When the braking effect is too poor, the mileage of the electric vehicle is directly shortened. This is also one of the possible elements that cause battery detection to be barrier-free, but electric vehicles can't run far.

5. When the electric vehicle is too heavy, the greater the discharge current of the vehicle, the more serious the power consumption! So it is recommended not to overload! Prevent the electric car from running too long for too long!

6. If the tire pressure is too low, the friction between the tire and the ground will increase and the battery will consume too much power. Long-term high current consumption causes battery loss and reduced driving distance.

Through the above introduction, Fast Sport Electric Motorbike Manufacturers hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.
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