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Getting a Cyprus passport is easier than getting one in most of the other countries. The government of Cyprus lays down clear rules and regulations for an individual to get a passport of the island nation.
Getting a Cyprus passport is easier than getting one in most of the other countries. The government of Cyprus lays down clear rules and regulations for an individual to get a passport of the island nation. There are lawyers Cyprus who have years of work experience in this domain and they make this process even smoother. Apply for your passport today and you should have yours issued faster than you think.
Why apply for a Cypriot passport?
There are many reasons for you to apply for a Cypriot passport. Cyprus is part of the European Union and once you have your passport, you can travel freely throughout the EU. You can also reside in the EU location of your choice and work anywhere inside the EU. As a Cypriot national, you can also make property and other investments in the EU.
There is another huge advantage of becoming an Cypriot national. Once your passport is issued, your parents, spouse and children can also apply for their passports. Your children need to be below 18 years of age or between the ages of 18 and 25, if they are dependent on you.
Of course, being a citizen of Cyprus, you get to reside in this beautiful country. Cyprus is showered with all the goodness of Mother Nature and it is also a highly developed country that ranks high on the quality of life quotient.
Getting your passport through naturalization
There are two ways you can get your Cyprus passport through naturalization. The first way is when you have resided in Cyprus for 7 consecutive years. For those who have Cypriot parents or children, they can obtain their passport by staying for 5 consecutive years in Cyprus.
Getting your passport through marriage
You can get your Cypriot passport if you get married to a Cypriot national. You need to be a legal resident of Cyprus and the passport will only be issued to you once you have completed 3 years of marriage. This rule is applicable for both EU and non-EU citizens.
Getting your passport through investment
The Cyprus government started the Investment Citizenship Program in 2014. This fast-track program allows you to get your passport in a short period of time and the bureaucracy involved in this process is at a bare minimum. This program was initiated by the government to encourage investments by the HNI population who would then enjoy the benefits of being a citizen of Cyprus.
There are four routes available if you want to get your Cypriot passport through investment. Keep in mind that you need to make a minimum investment of €2 million for availing the benefits under all these four routes.
The first route is where you invest in the construction or purchase of real estate or land development projects, both commercial and residential in nature. You can also invest in infra projects or in building plots where development will take place on a future date.
You can also invest in purchasing, creating or participating in businesses that are either based in Cyprus or are operating out of Cyprus. The business must have physical presence in the country and there should be a minimum of five Cyprus nationals in its employment.
The third route is to invest in financial assets or AIFs or Alternative Investment Funds of Cyprus-based companies that are certified by the Securities and Exchange Commission of the country. Any such company should have physical presence in Cyprus and should engage in substantial economic activity.
You can also make a combine investments and add to your portfolio the bonds issued by the government of Cyprus up to a value of €500,000.
How a lawyer can help?
There are lawyers Cyprus who specialize in getting citizenship status for Cyprus. They help you end-to-end with the application process. If you are planning to invest in Cyprus for getting the passport, your lawyer can help you choose the best investment options. They will prepare your application and submit the pre-approval. Once the application is submitted and your passport is issued, they will close the deal with you by issuing the citizenship certificate to you.
Cyprus – a fulfilling life
Cyprus indeed offers you a fulfilling life. Not only do you enjoy commercial success here but personal success too. It is one of the most sought-after nations in the world for getting citizenship thanks to the positive atmosphere prevalent in all the walks of life. The easiest way to get your Cypriot passport is by letting a lawyer to handle the process for you.
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