Media Freeware Launches Weight Loss Calculator

Posted February 3, 2015 by suleman

Gives a shot in the arm to users trying to lose weight
Media Freeware recently unveiled its Weight Loss Calculator that tells users how many calories they need to burn so that they can lose weight.

There are many who want to lose weight in order to get into a decent shape. It’s not only about the appearance but overall health and wellbeing of individuals as well. But the thing is that there is no hard and fast rule to how many calories one needs to intake on a daily basis to lose weight. After all, it varies from one person to another.

Weight Loss Calculator takes into account Harris-Benedict formula that tells users their basal metabolic rate and BMR, which is the amount of energy that is needed by a person to function. According to studies, 60% of the calories that people intake are used for normal bodily functions, including breathing.

Once these important aspects are taken into account, it’s a lot easier and precise for the app to calculate the calories that have to be burned by a person. The app is very simple to use and right at the onset users can feed in vital information like their age, gender, height, weight. Daily activity whether it’s light, moderate, high or extreme can then be added to the mix.

With all the requisite information, the app will do the calculations and tell users the calories they need to maintain their weight. Moreover they will also be offered results in terms of calories that have to be burned in order to lose weight. Thus this app gives users their personal calories loss related results instantly.

About Weight Loss Calculator

It is an app that tells users how many calories they need to burn in order to lose weight.

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