Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence : Combining The Two Mega Technology Together

Posted January 29, 2019 by staceyrobertze

Blockchain the technology started to cover a lot of major industries with its full potential, like wise AI also exploring its usecases in many industries. Lets look how these technology can work together
While talking to the representatives of bitdeal - a Blockchain development company, they have covered a lot of interesting things about this great combination of two technology.

" The cryptocurrency industry have made individuals rich by rolling the bitcoin as a key dice in the financial market. The AI has a different approach, it doesn't make anyone rich. But, it influences the corporate industries as similar the blockchain does. Many experts and blockchain development firms are looking forward to utilized the use cases of two technology together. Bitdeal stands in front of the queue. Before that, There is a big question in evety one mind, how does it possible, How to make blockchain and Artificial intelligence to work together.

To clear this big doubt, let us filter out some similarity between blockchain and AI, and how they are already influencing major corporate industries now.

In Blockchain Let us take the mining process of bitcoin, and In AI let us take Machine learning Lifecycles. This to processes in these two different technologies are similar in progress.

In cryptocurrency mining, the miners have to go through a lot of computing cycles in order to find a particular block for a coin. Thus the influences of Machine learning cycles have been indirectly used in crypto mining.

Whereas machine learning cycle is a Cyclical Process in Business intelligence, that defines which kind of steps a business has to take in order to experience the full use case of Artificial intelligence.

Bitcoin mining warehouses and Machine learning warehouses are similar. Bitcoin mining warehouses are filled with hard wares and electricity that will help in increasing the blocks computing power. Whereas machine learning warehouses are filled with raw data and software bot that will help in increasing the data’s computing power.


Some blockchain networks like Delphy are works well on a predictive analysis in a fun way. That is anyone in the network will be awarded if he/she is provided the correct answer for the posted questions. Majority of the question will be asked on the basis of bitcoin price or financial wealth of bitcoin. By combining all the answers honest results will be calculated in the bitcoin price prediction market. Thus Blockchain Works in Predictive Analysis

In some cases, Blockchain With AI Technology will neglect the involvement of humans.

Blockchain With AI Technology can work well in predictive analysis, For example, Cindicator a blockchain that utilizes both technologies by concatenating together in order to bring better prediction on bitcoin price. The Blockchain Cindicator (CID) utilizes both human intelligence and AI.

Blockchain And AI Supports Health Care Industry
The most notable highlight of these two technologies can be defined as follows

1. Blockchain supports to maintain data’s in a manageable, efficient, secure way and also make the data’s interoperable in a decentralized network.

2.Whereas artificial intelligence explores its potential, in computing networks, and it works well in BI by utilizing predictive analysis.

Many corporate industries and sectors like health care industry, SCM are already started to utilize these highlights. Most notably health care industry is the topmost beneficiary of both AI and Blockchain.

Blockchain In Healthcare
Blockchain Supports health care Industry by helping the experts to securely maintain Health Information Exchanges (HIE) also let them the health data’s to be more manageable, and also inter-operable.

AI Support Health Care Industry As Blockchain Does
The technology of Artificial intelligence has created a huge influence in the world of medicine. Reports around the world say by 2033 AI can prevent nearly 22,000 deaths by improving the cancer diagnosis.

Not alone the health care industry. Both technology can support many industries, which includes government and private sectors too. "

And the team bitdeal covered that , we are in a deep R&D Process to bring out the best feasibility and possibilities to make blockchain and cryptocurrency industry to work together.

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