Why Should You Prefer a Career in Mass Communication?

Posted September 8, 2021 by scmcpune

As a journalist, you enjoy the freedom to interview eminent personalities. You can even write your analytical view about a certain person and publish it in the newspaper.
A subject like mass communication has a promising future nowadays. Students who are fascinated with the job profile of a news anchor, a journalist may prefer the reputed bachelor of mass communication colleges in India for a bright career ahead.

A mass comm degree always prepares a student to acquire communication skills. One such skill set is an added leverage in a corporate media house and various other sectors related to the mass comm job domain. One such degree assures following career advantages to keep your professional and academic identity separate from the rest-

A promising career in journalism
As a journalist, you enjoy the freedom to interview eminent personalities. You can even write your analytical view about a certain person and publish it in the newspaper. A degree in journalism also gives you the freedom to express your views on an active issue or subject that’s already viral on social media.

Exploring the world of writing and editing
A mass comm degree prepares you to gain confidence in written and verbal communications. A promising portfolio in writing and editing can always unleash your doorways to work with some of the leading newspapers of India. By gaining the attention of the readers, it’s a lot easier to steal the limelight by gaining popularity amongst your targeted readers.

Realizing the meaning of ‘freedom of speech’
Every mass comm student realizes the meaning of freedom of speech in a bachelor of art mass communication degree. This degree empowers you to utilize your communication skill for speaking and writing on those social concerns and taboos which are still not freely spoken or discussed nowadays. One such skill set can assist you to prove a point that, be it a pen or a voice, it’s mightier than a sword.

Bright future in advertising and digital marketing domains
Advertising and digital marketing are some of the best platforms for making a good career nowadays. A degree in mass communication assures maximum exposure to fit into the job roles like ad copywriting, scriptwriting, etc. You can also leave your footmark in digital content and creative writing too with one such degree. If you have the potential to sustain the competitive market, you may get a scope to work with potential digital brands too.

Option to work as a PR executive
PR/Public Relations is one of the most crucial job domains in almost every corporate sector nowadays. A PR executive gets ample exposure to explore the internal and external relations of a reputed brand with the public. With one such exposure, a PR executive gets to analyze the relationship of a business with the external and internal public associated with the firm. One such strategy helps a Public Relations representative of a firm to understand the business gaps and mitigate those accordingly.

The final words in a nutshell
Mass comm has become one of the most promising subjects to unleash your career in journalism, writing, editing, ad copywriting etc. Before taking admission in mass comm discipline, it’s important to choose a good BA in mass communication college in India. Then only the degree will help you to be a smart fit in some of the job roles that have been mentioned above.
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