3 Reasons PHP Won’t Fade Away in 2021

Posted September 9, 2020 by riyathomas

Many seem to believe the myth that PHP is a dying language, which of course it untrue. PHP has been a prominent player in the “development industry” since its launch in 1994.
PHP has been a prominent player in the “development industry” since its launch in 1994. Several programming languages have come and gone since PHP’s release, but nothing has withstood the aggressive market as PHP did.

The incredible scripting language is still quite prevalent in the development market. Many big brands like Facebook, Yahoo, WordPress, Wikipedia, Tumblr, and many others have included PHP in their tech stack and have gained incredible benefits from the excellent functionalities offered by it.

However, even after the expansion of PHP to a great extent, many developers believe that it’s soon going to fade away while new technologies would keep on emerging.

However, this claim is far from reality. PHP will not fade away, not in 2020, not in 2021, not anytime soon.

3 Reasons that back PHP:

It’s Improving with time:

The CEO of Hire Independent Developers, Harshvardhan Lakhera, points to the “solid community” supporting PHP to grow continuously, matching the pace of the ever-evolving technologies. The new yearly releases of the language keep the PHP community engaged.

Mr. Lakhera says, “PHP remains to be a great language since it improves every year. This dedication of the incredible community of PHP programmers to constantly improve the language provides it with longevity.”

As of July, the most stable release of PHP would have to be PHP 7.4.8

PHP gets better with each iteration.

WordPress needs PHP:

“Most entrepreneurs have built their websites on WordPress, and WordPress is coded in PHP, you get my point.” quotes Mr. Lakhera.

He says, “PHP will outshine all competitions because it knows what to do and how to master it; I am talking about web development.”

PHP may not be a versatile language, but where it specializes, it rules. There are many reasons why developers prefer choosing PHP to up their development game. These reasons include easy and efficient management of massive databases, effortless file processing, robust error handling, and arrays. The language is also pretty flexible, customizable, and scalable.

This is precisely why the language powers around 80% of the websites on the internet.

“All the content focused websites are mostly built on WordPress, and in this constant various fresh functionalities on their website, and for that, they need PHP,” says Mr. Lakhera.

PHP is the web:

Mr Harshvardhan, the CEO of Hestabit, believes and propagates the fact that PHP is still and will remain relevant to the developers.

He says, “PHP may function the similar old way of performing development tasks. However, if you need your language to have both power and simplicity while maintaining fancy web UI of other modern languages along with the incredible frameworks it offers- it’s hard to match PHP’s capabilities.”

PHP’s brilliant aspect is that it can be used for even the smallest and simplest of technologies and massive, enterprise-level applications.

What’s better are the robust frameworks provided by PHP, intended to make all developers’ lives easy. Complex tasks can now be done easily using PHP frameworks. “This is exactly why almost 80% of the active websites on the web are developed in PHP. It is safe to say that PHP is the web.” says Mr. Lakhera.

Simply put, PHP will remain for the longest time possible. The constant updates, the share of the market it holds, the functionalities it offers, and the robust community base supporting it will not let the incredible and powerful scripting language fade away with time.

There is no iota of doubt in developing your project with PHP, especially when it comes to the language’s longevity.


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