Why Are Sex Dolls Such a Hot and Trending Purchase to Make?

Posted November 25, 2021 by RealDoll

Real Doll expands on who is the predominant buying market and why they buy
It is no secret that the market of silicone dolls for adults is enjoying an upward trend that has been lasting for at least the past 18 months to two years and there is still no indication that this upward curve will end soon. However, what far fewer people know is who is behind this curve and why the sudden interest to own a silicon adult doll. The team at Real Doll is one of the top designers and manufacturers in the field and they’ve shared some insights into who is their average client and what is their big interest in these products.

“If we have to generalize our clients, I would have to say that our average client is the gentleman who is already in his late forties or even early fifties. He can be attractive and on the wealthier side, but has reached a point where he needs companionship and doesn’t care to search for it outside of his home. Our Real Doll and especially the Real Doll X provide exactly what they need. She is an attractive partner with lasting youth and beauty on her side, never engaging in any kind of argument, doesn’t demand his attention when he doesn’t care to provide it and is always available when he needs someone to satisfy him on any level,” says Matt McMullen, the founder of Real Doll.

He also adds that some of their clients do belong to certain social movements. They might be in favor of MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) or even don’t appreciate the sentiments of the current wave of feminism.
“While stating the above, I need to also highlight that this image only represents a segment of our clients. There is also quite a substantial number of our clients who might be suffering from some kind of physical or social disability and prefer to have access to sexual satisfaction without putting themselves out in public,” McMullen further states.

The reasons why people opt to rather partner with silicon adult dolls are quite diverse. To some people owning such a doll is the key to preventing cheating in their relationships, others are couples who like to add some spice in the bedroom and then there is also a group who are keen on exploring their sexual preferences with a doll rather out of fear of being judged by a life partner. Each of the reasons remains very valid and personal though. It appears the biggest reason for the growth is the fact that owning such a doll is much more acceptable today.

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