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Posted March 17, 2020 by rahuldaso

The Interactive Voice Response System (IVRs) provides the menus that you hear and respond to at the beginning of a call
The Interactive Voice Response System (IVRs) provides the menus that you hear and respond to at the beginning of a call

Using intelligently, you can improve the overall experience of your consumers while also enhancing your workplace productivity. When it comes to Hosted IVR, all have an understanding of the basics, but are there more?

You can access your telephone system and its features remotely via an IVR. You can set up your ISP so that you can call up a selected telephone number and link to your voice mail, join conference calls and even leave other colleagues voicemails. With your personal extension and pin.

The best thing, however, must certainly be that you can log in and call any number you like and the receiver assumes that you are calling from the office. It helps you to call and start in your office clients from everywhere in the world, offering real geographical versatility as to where you would like to work.

Hosted IVR will also encourage Remote Working to Overcome the Pandemic of CORONA VIRUS.

· Conduct customer satisfaction surveys

Through setting up customer service and feedback platform, you can save time and resources. You can ask pre-registered questions to your clients and answer them only by pressing a button. The data is then processed and returned to the department concerned to be used as needed. It should be noted that in general, these types of IVRs are very well-designed and set up. Nevertheless, as demand increases, it is expected that they will of course be easier to access and accessible to everyone.

Automated IVR surveys show an effective way in which reviews are obtained. It requires zero effort from staff and collects honest and objective feedback from your customers.

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· Look bigger, much bigger

Your company's foreign presence may be accomplished by an advanced sounding telephone system that could give you an advantage over rivals. You can have a detailed menu with many different options and identify various departments and offices if you are just one person at home.

In brief, you can make a small company with ten employees that look like a hundred users. By becoming larger, you appear to offer potential customers a more proven and viable alternative.

In the past, the installation costs, the equipment, and the person experience could only be handled by large businesses with huge budgets. However, with host telephony systems now available to everyone, smaller companies can access and benefit from the many features and advantages a Hosted IVR system offers


Enhancing domestic competitiveness and departmental convergence helps companies to take precedence and to identify the best way to advance their businesses. Workloads can be simplified by efficient prioritization, simply moving to quicker, more effective processes. Soon you can see how you can improve productivity, increasing customer loyalty and beat competitors.

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