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It’s difficult to start a new business, but the real backbreaker is efficient business management. And to continuously control business, one aspect that must be retained is that 80% of all business communications take place via a phone call.
March 5, 2020 — It’s difficult to start a new business, but the real backbreaker is efficient business management. And to continuously control business, one aspect that must be retained is that 80% of all business communications take place via a phone call.
Surprisingly, most of the businesses fail badly in executing this task with corrective measures. There must be multiple reasons behind this setback however the primary reasons could be:
· They are not aware of the solutions that can help in managing business calls automatically.
· They are not acquainted with the benefits that this solution can bring to their business.
An interactive technology, communicating with the callers, collecting necessary data and routes for calls to the correct officers, is the Interactive Voice Response system (IVR). This can boost customer satisfaction with a Hosted IVR system that means improved retention of customers, stronger brand formation and better sales. An IVR system is accessible 24×7, customers can get their problems resolved anytime. An IVR device can be configured with a customized welcome greeting to improve customer satisfaction.
The Hosted IVR program improves the productivity and the reputation of a client or brand by the call Centre. Therefore, smaller companies, in particular, will benefit greatly from the IVR program.
Why did businesses start using IVR?
In the 1980s, the key mode of communication between corporations and their clients was telephone calls. Phone conversations were the best way to ask, buy or lament. A team of receptionists was involved in these calls, welcoming the callers, knowing their problem and presenting them to the right team.
Currently, most organizations have recognized this routing as an inefficient way of handling calls. That is because they had to receive calls from a generalist team before they were led to experts. The faster the caller connected to the specialist, the quicker the resolution. This was a problem. IVR systems have aided the caller in presenting his / her request/problem to the right team. It was a win-win situation, ideally, as organizations could spend more time in recruiting experts, and telephone users (who knew more about their issues than receptionists could ever do) could pick their team.
How does IVR System Work?
When a customer calls the company phone number, The Hosted IVR device greets the caller by playing an automated welcome message. This welcoming message includes the company name and a list of the options in the IVR menu.

Hosted IVR
Such Hosted IVR solutions are customized to the customer service requirements of the organization. In most cases, however, the IVR choices are broken down into divisions, geography or service/product companies. These are self-explanatory solutions that promote the caller’s navigation and question resolution. The two main types of IVR solutions for businesses are self-help options and attach to a representative platform for customer service.
After all, with an IVR system in place, businesses can:

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· Automate the customer identification process with voice prompts
· Prioritize calls based on the value
· Personalize messages and prompts
· Handle high call volume and surges efficiently
· Predict why customers are calling to speed up service
· Track and report customer issues to improve future service
· Reduce overhead costs, including staffing
· Collect important information from the customer during the wait time
· Ensure customers are routed to the best agent for their issue
In order to deal with customer inquiries quickly and efficiently, advanced Hosted IVR systems functionality will plan and coordinate call center agents. Collecting customized data on different customers via the Hosted IVR program will improve customer satisfaction significantly. Small businesses can build a brand image, attract new customers and boost revenue by implementing and leveraging the innovative functionality of a modern IVR system economically.
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