ProICT LLP Explains the Concept Behind The Auto-Refresh Script

Posted July 17, 2020 by proict

Are you having second thoughts about the auto-refresh script, or something bigger behind the scene is bothering you? Well, ProICT LLP with the team of professionals has got you covered.
The year 2020 is all about digitalization due to the coronavirus pandemic that made it nearly impossible to reach out to the physical store for the essential products and services. As businesses are going digital with less or no experience in the field, they are finding it difficult to perform even basic SEO operations. That’s where ProICT LLP came to rescue with its experienced team of designers, developers, marketers, and writers. The organization decided to host a regular online session on Instagram to educate business owners who are facing difficulties while promoting their business online.

Recently one of the Instagram followers of ProICT LLP asked if “a script that auto-reloads my page every 5 minutes to update information hurt SEO in any way?” As it is one of the most common questions people have in mind, the experts at the ProICT decided to clear this doubt through the live session. The Senior SEO executive Mr. Gautam Bansal came forward to help viewers clear their confusion with the knowledge and skills he gained over the years in the industry. He started the session with a clear fact- “The simple answer to the question asked by our valuable follower is NO because things that take place via JavaScript have a little or no impact on SEO. The keyword is still there even after the website loads.” He further explained that “What could possibly go wrong here is you could have loaded the site before it technically loaded itself. Thus, giving yourself infinite load time. But as long as you code with care, there shouldn’t be any SEO issue.”

The story doesn’t end here as there is a bigger issue ahead of this. The experts at the organization believe that the actual intention behind the question is to ask about “ad refreshing.” Due to the COVID-19, ad refreshing is one of the most popular and hated tactics on the internet. Those who are hearing about this term for the first time can understand it with the help of an example. Suppose you search for something on the search bar of Google and fortunately find a good result. When you start reading the article, get halfway, and boom the page refreshes itself. This is called ad refreshing.

The reason why companies are doing this is to get the ad revenue. Especially during the pandemic, when brands have reduced their ad budget that decreased the CPMs for publishers, so the only thing they can do is increase the impressions. By refreshing the page, they can now generate more impressions with each visit. It can also make an impact on other analytics as well and bring more money until the agency finds out.
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