Learn with ProICT why Google Confirms Two Indexing Outages?

Posted October 9, 2020 by proict

Are you still wondering why some of your website pages are not appearing in the Google search? If yes, then you are at the right post. Experts at ProICT LLP will explain why this issue occurs, and Google has to say in its defence.
The marketers were quite surprised when Google’s Danny Sullivan announced through twitter that Google search had been impacted by two kinds of indexing outages. ProICT LLP, a pioneer in digital marketing, explains that the first outage affects the mobile indexing and the second outage involves canonicalization, which affected how duplicate content was being handled and shown on the search engine result pages. This announcement was made after a week of anecdotal reports from the SEO community of dropped URLs.

Mr. Gautam Bansal, who is the senior SEO executive at ProICT explains, “Several companies, including ProICT LLP, also suffered from the multiple dropped URLs. Submitting the URLs through the search console seemed to get them back, and later that day (2 October), Danny Sullivan took the twitter to explain this sudden action. He explained they are working to resolve two separate indexing issues that affected some URLs. He further consoled the SEO professionals who are worried about their quality links going into the drain. He explained that if a previously indexed page has gone, it might be the mobile-indexing issue, where we’re failing to select any page at all to index.

If the canonical issue is involved in the entire process, then the URL inspector may show it as the duplicate. There’s no action to take with these issues on the part of site owners. We apologize for the issues here and are working rapidly to resolve them. We’ll update this thread as each is corrected.” This made digital marketing service providers wonder how things will go around when the issue is resolved.

Digital marketing manager and team leader at ProICT LLP, Mr. Satish Lamba, who has a decade of experience in the field, explains can canonicalization issues appear to be an issue of how Google was handling the duplicate pages in the first place. This resulted in the original page not showing in the search engine result pages. Imagine how big the issue can be when you fail to see your homepage on the search engine. Earlier that day, someone from The Daily Caller reported the same issue with pages that weren’t showing for the searches. They claimed that their blogs and articles are appearing on the search results, but their website was not. Later in the day, it appeared they have the same canonicalization issue.” He further explained “Both those who hired online marketing solutions in New York and those who provided these services were aware of the indexing issues. The good news is Google identified this and is working to resolve it.
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