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Studying smart vs studying hard is an important concept that has surfaced in the past few years. Gone are the days when anyone who read the textbook page-by-page without comprehending it would bag the highest marks. While hard work is irreplaceable, in today’s dynamic world, it is also important to study smart while you’re studying hard. To explain this concept further, Oswaal Books brings to you 5 ways to study smart and do excel in class 12.

1. Look at the Numerical Formulas
When you’re studying for class 12 exams, you’ll find plenty of numerical formulas in your textbook. Treat each of these numerical formulas are the golden pillars of that particular topic. Look closely. All the text surrounding the formulas will be an explanation or a derivation of the formula. Hence, if you understand the formula, you will pretty much understand the entire topic. These formulas will also be useful when you’re trying to solve a problem sum.

2. Pay Close Attention to the Diagrams

If there is a diagram on any page, all the text surrounding the diagram is related to it. Study the diagram closely first. Now, read the text related to the diagram by referring to it at each step. Mark any definitions you see around it. Instead of cramming the text below and above each diagram, understanding it and comprehending it in this way will help you grasp the concept behind the diagram and recollect it better.

3. Make Smart Notes

Revising the whole syllabus from scratch may seem impossible in the limited time available. For that highlight, the main points in your help books like Class 12 Question banks, Class 12 Sample Question Papers prepare short notes, and list out the main points or draw diagrams that can help you to recall all the answers quickly.

The act of writing notes or drawing flow charts consolidates in your memory and is more effective than only reading or mugging up your lessons.
Notes-making becomes even smarter when you resort to e-books. With e-books, you can highlight specific sentences in different colors, underline topics digitally, and also place your own comments beside the text-all this while preserving the condition of the book intact. Want to grab the latest e-book of your favorite subject? Oswaal Books is offering 25% off on all its e-books for a limited time period. Hurry! Get your e-books today!

4. Make Room for Multiple Revisions

Revisions are underrated. The best advice from even the greatest of people has been to continuously revise your learnings. Make room for multiple revisions- at least 2-3 wholesome revisions before the final exams. Revisions not only give you multiple chances of clearing your doubts but they also fill you with confidence as you get a chance to go through each topic multiple times.

5. Plan Your Syllabus

Stop studying new topics a few days before the exam. Yes, you read it right. As the exams approach, do not touch new topics. Instead focus on revising whatever you have learned. If you cram new topics right before the exam, you will neither gain confidence in the new topics nor will you remember properly what you’ve studied earlier. Struggling to avoid such last-minute cramming? Planning is the key. Planning your syllabus way before the exam helps you schedule your class 12 exam preparations and sticking to the schedule ensures that you do not fumble with the syllabus at the last minute.
In this era when almost everyone has access to all means of top-class education, adopting the above techniques will ensure that you not only study smart but also study hard. Smart studying will not only set you apart from the crowd, but it will also help you rank better in competitive exams.
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