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Note-taking is for the "knowledge production" service, and in order to achieve the purpose of knowledge production, using a paper notebook is an ideal choice
Note-taking is for the "knowledge production" service, and in order to achieve the purpose of knowledge production, using a paper notebook is an ideal choice.

Reason 1: simple recording

The so-called unified note-taking method means that regardless of category, all the information you want to record is included in this notebook in chronological order.

The advantage of this is that anytime, anywhere, no matter what the occasion, as long as you need to record, just write it down, there is no such trouble as "where should you write it?"; or when you need to find a note, it is right here in your hands. In the notebook, it will never be anywhere else.

Reason 2: Chain memory brought by paper records
If it's just the benefit of "get it on the go", then the electronic recording method is obviously not inferior to the paper notebook, and in many cases the recording efficiency is still higher than that of the paper notebook. But the advantage of paper records that an electronic record can never achieve is that it can bring chain memories.

According to the author, whether it is using handwriting or pasting information on the notebook, the process of processing this information leaves traces of memory. When you turn over this page of the notebook, you can feel the mood and environment when you were recording.

Friends who have studied memory methods may have a certain concept of chain memory. Chain memory is like starting with a reminder, a clue, a cheat sheet, and a key point, interlocking all the data. It's like singing, although the lyrics are forgotten, but when the melody sounds, the lyrics will continue to be brought out.

There are four rules to remember in this way:

One, use specific images to connect images;

Second, when we connect images, the two images must have visual contact;

Third, when making associations, the images must be connected in pairs;

Fourth, use the same image to connect the front and back images.

Looking closely at these four rules, all of them are related to images. And when we use paper notebooks to record, it is when we form images in our minds. You must still remember that in the previous exam, you encountered a knowledge point that was not very familiar. Although you can't remember what it is, you still know that it is in the corner of the textbook page!

This is the original memory that paper records can bring to us.

Reason 3: Become a creative material library
What is creativity? Nobuyuki Okuno told us with a famous line by American advertising master James Webb Young: "The so-called creativity is just a recombination of original elements."

Even though the essence of creativity is so simple, it seems that it is not easy for us to generate creativity. In "How to Organize Information Effectively", Nobuyuki Okuno summarizes the five steps of generating creativity:

1. Collect

2. Chew

3. Fermentation

4. Epiphany

5. Reification

The first three steps of these five steps all rely on our usual records. It may seem meaningless to simply record our daily life, but someday in the future, when you open it again, you may have different thoughts. And this idea is recorded again, and then it will cause more thinking.

Persisting in the record itself prompts you to think. Over time, this ordinary notebook at hand becomes your life material library, and it will become the cornerstone of your creativity.

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