The Big Misconception: The Public Isn’t Stupid

Posted July 15, 2016 by MyView

There exists an unfounded misconception that the general public does not think for themselves and will believe anything you tell them. This is simply not true.
If there is anything we abhor at MyView, it is false assumptions. As professional survey conductors, we want to know what you know rather than think that we know. It is what our clients require of us, and we are confident that our practices produce the most accurate results.

As such, we consider it important to reverse such an unfounded misconception about the general public—that they are thoughtless and do not think for themselves. It is one of the most confounding theories that do not bear in mind who is in that public. You can even say that it is a high minded way of thinking, which we as survey providers cannot do. We always take the neutral ground in order to produce levelheaded inquiries.

[b]A Rewarding Experience[/b]

To answer a survey is to further a company or an organisation’s knowledge about public knowledge. Everyone has opinions and a personal take on a range of things. This is why at MyView, we consider diversity a cog of our company. With it, we can see what the general public is really thinking. Of course, there are overwhelming favourites at times, but you cannot ignore differing answers from a group with similar traits. With us, mere answers will bring you rewards that would be much harder to earn elsewhere.
Indirectly, you also get to test your knowledge about certain things. It is not always a life-changing activity, but it helps to know that you need to know more. Self-realisations do not happen often these days, and when you have a chance to receive a reward for it, there are more reasons to do it.

[b]Fact: People Know More[/b]

Whether it is about politics, economics, technology or entertainment, everybody has their two cents about everything. If it is necessary, we will target specific crowds and markets to make sure you get what you need. Let us provide you a platform where you can test your knowledge.
At MyView, we value your input. Furthermore, you will not leave our surveys empty-handed. Earn enough points and you will qualify for prizes or rewards of your choice.

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