RuneScape utilized to have in the way of my own life

Posted September 18, 2020 by MMOruki

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Everyone moans about BXP/DXP/etc. In RS3, however at least in RS3 you can manage to become an adult. You have a child/full time job/etc. And can only spend two hours each day, max, playing games? With OSRS you are going to spend weeks getting to base 50s, let alone higher. RS3 will allow you to reach the intriguing game content without needing to wait weeks. How long are you able to put in every day? Especially if you are not doing the most efficient methods (either because you do not know them, or because you can not do click-intensive methods like 3-tick teaks)

She never said anything about buying abilities. They simply enjoy high level content and not a lot of that the grind. It is okay to have another opinion, even though reddit likes to make people believe otherwise. It really much boggles my mind how many people really take care of 120ing or 200M ing a skill or heck 99ing a skill. The ability to fish some other thing I wont really get a reward from yet again. This obsession over grinding something that doesnt thing is mind numming.

If that is how you're considering it, then what exactly does amassing a couple of pixels do for you whatsoever? People like to play video games and to establish goals. It's mind numbing how many people worry about other people. Its not much about stress about others, but providing a crap about almost everybody else, because they believe everyone thinks the same way. Game is grindy as it is dont have to force feed others with it.

You don't need to purchase anything. The fact is that rs3 ironmen can max faster than osrs ironmen because the xp rates are somewhat more manageable and you do not have to crouch before your notebook all day mindlessly clicking just to acquire meaningless progress. How did you figure out how to bring up ironman in a MTX conversation lol. All you said was rs3 has quicker rates? Everyone knows any sort of achievement other than a pvm achievement is meaningless advancement in rs3. The irony. Aside from pvming/ironman the game is nearly dead.

I understand what you're saying, but I've got a different mindset. You see, I don't feel pressed at all to accomplish something in a certain timespan. RuneScape used to get in the way of my life and I pretty much treated it like a job. Well, not anymore. Goals are secondary, pleasure is primary. If I need a full month for a 99 since I do not play enough hours daily, that is just the way it is going to be and that is fine. I would not say, you have to receive 99 until you can have fun. Just that some higher level skills must perform the next quest/fight another boss/allow one to earn enough money to enjoy another bit of material.

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