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The selection and requirements of materials, for plastic moulds, are related to the quality of the product
The selection and requirements of materials, for plastic moulds, are related to the quality of the product. Therefore, today, we will discuss the materials of plastic moulds and bring you detailed analysis.

Material requirements The working conditions of plastic moulds are different from those of cold stamping dies. Generally, they must work at 150°C-200°C. In addition to being subjected to certain pressure, they also have to withstand temperature. According to the different use conditions and processing methods of plastic moulding moulds, the basic performance requirements of plastic mould steel are roughly summarized as follows:

With the development of the plastics industry, the complexity and precision of plastic products are becoming more and more demanding, and higher requirements are placed on mould materials. For manufacturing complex, precise and corrosion-resistant plastic moulds, pre-hardened steel (such as PMS), corrosion-resistant steel (such as PCR) and low-carbon maraging steel (such as 18Ni-250) can be used, all of which have good Cutting processing, heat treatment and polishing performance and high strength.

In addition, when selecting materials, you must also consider preventing scratches and bonding. If there is relative movement between the two surfaces, try to avoid selecting materials with the same structure. Under special conditions, one side can be plated or nitrided to make the two sides have different The surface structure.

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