Top Dog Pest Control Reveals How Londoners Can Evict Unwanted Rodents from Their Homes This Summer

Posted June 25, 2016 by keitbowe23

It's no secret that the seasons are confusing in Britain now. It's becoming commonplace where we get warmer weather when it's meant to be cold.
London, United Kingdom;It's no secret that the seasons are confusing in Britain now. It's becoming commonplace where we get warmer weather when it's meant to be cold. And vice-versa! As a result, London's wildlife get seen more often nowadays.

For Londoners, one of the problems that this poses is when rodents like mice and rats make an appearance. And as we enter the summer months, their presence will be visible for longer! Rodents like to occupy people's homes during the summer months for many reasons.

First of all, properties are easier to access due to windows and doors staying open more often. Second, food and shelter are more plentiful. Third, properties provide a safe and secure environment for rodents against predators like cats.

London is a city home to almost nine million people. As one can imagine, there are plenty of properties that rodents could occupy. A leading London mice control firm, Top Dog Pest Control, reveals how to evict them:

Secure all food sources in the property

Rodents will think they've hit the jackpot if food gets left out that they can access! It can be easy to leave or forget about food. Especially if it won't spoil by not going in the fridge or freezer.

The best thing to do with all food is secure it in plastic or glass containers. The latter is perhaps the better option due to it being more rodent-proof.

Keep the property clean and tidy

Believe it or not, rodents are more attracted to properties that aren't clean and tidy. That's because there will be plenty of places for them to hide and make nests. One easy way to dissuade unwanted rodent guests is to ensure there are no messy rooms.

Carpets should get vacuumed regularly as they might contain food remnants. And kitchen worktops should get wiped down with a disinfectant on regularly too.

Seal up any possible entry points

Rodents will often find any means possible to enter a property. They can climb drainpipes and enter through holes in walls. Properties should have a thorough exterior inspection. Any potential entry points should then get sealed up.

For drainpipes, consider adding grating to open drains. Use mortar or concrete to seal any holes in walls and ground floors.

Call a pest control expert

Experts such as Top Dog Pest Control can help property owners eradicate rodents. In some cases, the above tips might lower and not remove a property's rodent population. Top Dog Pest Control have qualified experts and offer an emergency response service.

About Top Dog Pest Control

Top Dog Pest Control is one of London's premier rodent and pest control firms. They have plenty of industry experience and are qualified to remove unwanted pests. Having attended almost 17,000 call-outs so far, they are the go-to provider for pest control services.

Top Dog Pest Control offers a 24/7 service. They work with domestic and commercial property owners. And they can tackle all kinds of pests from rodents to birds, and insects to ants.

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