Experts Explain Why You Might Notice a Decline in Website Traffic

Posted January 25, 2021 by Indazo

India’s leading SEO partner shares some causes for concern.
In the modern age of technology, consumers tend to turn to the internet to find all the services, products and solutions they need. Thus, it is no more vital than ever before to ensure your website shows up and you attract the traffic you need to convert into sales. Yet, sometimes it happens that you have been exactly where you wanted to be and then without any warning it is all just declining. Why is it happening and what should you do?

“The biggest mistake many people make is to believe that once your business is enjoying a top-ranking and receives an abundance of traffic, that you can shift your focus to something else and leave your SEO marketing unattended. It is unfortunately not the case as the industry is always evolving, staying in the top ranks is as much of a task as getting there. It is why many of our clients simply opt not to waste their in-house workforce on these tasks and much rather hand the responsibility to our team of experts,” says Anoop Krishnan, the marketing manager to the award-winning web design and SEO service provider in India, Indazo.

Krishnan continues to highlight some of the most common reasons why websites suddenly notice a decline in their traffic. As there are many reasons why it can happen, it will be in your advantage to rely on the support of an expert in the field. Nevertheless, it can be due to backlinks in your site which you have lost or something as simple as deleting content from your site which had an excellent Google ranking. Another concern can be due to changes in plugins or updates on third party tools you rely on. Maybe your social media campaigns are slacking and now it is affecting your traffic counts.

Krishnan also confirms that regular content updates are a key factor in keeping the good rankings you have enjoyed and if the content on your site is ageing, it will affect your traffic. It might also be that Google picked up that although many visitors visit your site but when they have seen what you have to offer, they leave very quickly again. The professionals refer to this phenomenon as a high bounce and low conversion rate and it is one of the factors indicating to Google to give your site a lower ranking.

“These causes can all be fixed relatively easy, but it is only touching on the tip of the iceberg and if you truly want to turn around your situation it is best to employ the services of a team with the right knowledge and expertise in the field to bring you the results you desire,” Krishnan concludes.

We are proud to say that the Indazo name is no stranger to awards and recognition in our industry. For the past 20 years, our team of specialists has worked with immense devotion to all our clients to always deliver beyond their expectations when it comes to SEO and digital marketing requirements. Through continues training, our team stays at the edge of advances as it happens in the industry. This enables us to provide our clients with the most advanced solutions and gives us a platform from which we can set the trend for many others to follow. Visit our website at or contact us via phone or email and explore the range of opportunities we offer to contribute to your success with affordable services delivered by our team of specialists based in India.
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