Diko, a privacy based cryptocurrency, launches ICO for its public token sale drive

Posted April 2, 2020 by henrybfuller

Diko is a privacy-based cryptocurrency that seeks to facilitate the easy transfer of funds through anonymous transactions on the Diko blockchain.
[London, United Kingdom, April 02] Diko privacy cryptocurrency is announcing the launch of its Initial Coin Offering (ICO) on April 1, 2020. The official launch of the ICO marks the beginning of the sale 10.5 Million DIKO tokens with each going for $2.62. The public sale finishes on November 1, 2020 or upon depletion of the available tokens. The funds raised from the ICO will be used to finance the Diko blockchain development, marketing, research, and expansion. The project’s soft cap is set at 2,000 ETH, which is the minimum goal to kick-start operations.

Diko is a privacy-based cryptocurrency that seeks to facilitate the easy transfer of funds through anonymous transactions on the Diko blockchain. The Diko platform will enable users to send and receive funds confidentially via email addresses just like PayPal.

The Diko team understands that development of an own blockchain is a time consuming and costly affair. On the other hand, the team knows that safeguarding people’s privacy and ensuring confidentiality of financial transactions is of utmost importance. In this regards, the team decided to develop a solution that addresses these concerns both reliably and effectively. This led to the creation of the DIKO token on the Ethereum blockchain.

The DIKO token is ERC-20 compliant cryptocurrency that facilitates anonymous transactions through the Ethereum blockchain. The DIKO token is available for the public to send and receive funds via email.

Development of the DIKO token seeks to address the aforementioned concerns as it has all the envisioned features of the Diko cryptocurrency. This means that users get to enjoy the benefits of sending money anonymously via email while the Diko team gets the opportunity to develop a permanent solution with less pressure.

The ultimate goal for the Diko team is to establish its own blockchain that is censorship proof, completely decentralised, and permissionless just as envisioned by Satoshi Nakamoto. The full details about the technical aspects of the Diko blockchain are outlined in their whitepaper giving insights about this revolutionary idea.

Once development of the Diko blockchain is completed, ICO investors and all Diko token holders will be able to exchange their tokens for the native Diko cryptocurrency on a 1:1 basis. Moreover, all users will get a blockchain based email address linked to their wallets for use in making the anonymous transactions.

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