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A thought-provoking compilation reflecting the concerns of the modern era written by Pedro Boaventura
February 11, 2019 — Art Galaxie FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
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A thought-provoking compilation reflecting the concerns of the modern era written by Pedro Boaventura

Lisbon, February 11, 2019

Masters of Contemporary Fine Art is more than just an artbook. It is composed of a wide range of talented artists who reflect the current panorama of Contemporary Art, through a cross-cutting approach that include Paintings, Sculptures, Drawings and Digital Artworks. In a range of expressive techniques and different styles, they add value depicting fascinating rhythm and captivate diversity. Available now, just in time for Valentine’s Day, this book makes for a great gift for any art lover. In addition to it being a great gift, this fine work also serves as a powerful tool for artistic pursuits such as research, consultation or even study for everyone ranging from art students to collectors, art dealers and teachers.

Pedro Boaventura has curated 30 artists from different backgrounds with the care of bringing together manifested technical and artistic quality, great creative originality and the means to possess a current and intervening message. These artworks focus on themes and pressing issues of the 21st century.

Pedro Boaventura (who is also a visual artist) confesses: "Art makes a direct appeal to the senses and emotions with an irreplaceable effectiveness. It is therefore a privileged means of transmitting knowledge. In this book you will find masters of excellent quality and an unquestionable course. More importantly, their work is extremely relevant as the themes focus on current issues. They do it with a critical eye and place their finger right in the wound – denouncing a series of problems of the modern world. For this reason, their art has much more to communicate, raising questions that make us think and reflect. Making use of imagery that produces visual thinking and creating mental images with enormous beauty. Gathered here are authors who play a fundamental role in the characterization and contextualization of the time in which we live in. Consequently, the work of art that appears in this book is not only a product of aesthetic or decorative value, but essentially a form of communication or rather, the transmission of new ideas in a unique and creative way”.

Boaventura, joins the artists and brings you this manifesto, opening a very rich range of artistic interpretations while clarifying the meaning of numerous symbols, artistic currents and principles of Design, as well as the techniques used in composition. A book full of potential for study and research, and a pleasant encounter of creative essays on current topics such as global warming, automation, the future of humanity, collective knowledge and imaginary, among many others. It unites the arts and literacy in a universe full of creativity and a series of reflections that involve the reader and invite him to participate actively. If you do not have any book from this collection yet, this will be a good excuse to start.

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