What are Some Cool Night and Weekend jobs in Pakistan?

Posted September 24, 2020 by fratress

If you are a night owl or struggling with your sleeping routine, this article is for you. There are many careers for those who are available for night shifts.
If you are a night owl or struggling with your sleeping routine, this article is for you. There are many careers for those who are available for night shifts. If you are busy during day time, sometimes you find yourself free at night to make extra money for your expenses. You also consider jobs during weekend shifts. Both options are effective for additional income. However, we do not recommend night shifts for a long period, as they have a bad impact on your general health. Exclusively, for sporadic cases, Fratres would introduce you to the safest positions for night shifts and weekend jobs. For more flexible job options read this;

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1. Medical and Healthcare Jobs

Hospitals provide a 24 hr healthcare service for emergency rooms. There is always a team of doctors, nurses, and assistants to work during night shifts. Because these hospitals should be prepared for instant operations for late-night illnesses, accidents, and injuries, nurses are the major profiles required for night work. They must stay the night to help patients and decide for certain newcomers, whether they need urgent healthcare intervention or not. You can also read;

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2. Airline Jobs:

airline jobs

Like hospitals, airports are also open during the whole day for traveling operations. Flights are available every time, even on holidays. Of course, it is not the same flight staff working 24 hours a. There are a daytime team and evening team and also a weekend team or a team dedicated to holidays. Airline jobs are also related to different conditions like weather conditions, health disease (recently the plague of CORONAVirus), and technical conditions. Are you interested in the field of airlines? Read this;

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3. Police Officer

Police officers work every time to ensure the security and safety of citizens. Every night, they control roadways and neighborhoods. They also operate in accidents and investigate suspected crimes. This is what made Pakistan a safe place for tourism and foreign investment. Police officers must understand and apply the law to emerging situations with discretion and sensitivity. They maintain relationships with community members in their area to help prevent crimes and secure leads when investigating crimes.

4. Firefighter

If you tend to be active in emergency cases and can rescue people from fired places, this job is for you. The firefighter is a job that requires being available at all hours. It would be best if you had a first aid degree plus good physical preparations for this job. Although firefighters work 24-hour shifts, some people volunteer on weekends, and at night shifts, both a normal individual cannot work both daytime and night hours.

5. Pharmacists

Since hospitals are active during night time, drug stores are open in parallel. Although pharmacists can hire agents to sell medicines, they must be present to give the appropriate guidance for medical care. They can also work for certain emergencies.

6. Security Guard

A security guard can also be considered as a night watch. This person works in different buildings and companies that work 24 hours. Security guards provide late-night facilities. They also investigate with visitors and provide safe access. Some security guards are not scattered at the gates of the building. They can work in their cabin watching the screen of a small camera as it is the case in hotels and retail jobs.

7. Taxi/Rickshaw Driver

taxi drivers

Traveling is an active process. Some people reach their destination at night and want a taxi driver to help them reach home. This job doesn't require higher skills other than a driving license. Driving taxis is based on flexible hours because the owner of the taxi hires additional drivers for night shifts and weekends.

8. Hotel Clerk

Opportunities in hotel and tourism services are immense and operate 24 hours a day. Since hotels employ many profiles scattered within this establishment, hotel clerks are the kind of employees available for night and weekend activities. Their service in maintaining visitors and answering their inquiries are constantly rated by customers and impact on the hotel rating. That's why hotel owners choose friendly figures for this job position since the reputation of the hotel is based on the quality of their interactions with people and the level of customer service.

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9. Customer Service Representative

Consumers require intense attention to the success of products and services adopted by certain companies. To earn the trust of this category, companies try to implement customer service tasks available at nights and weekends. In this case, customer service representatives are employed to provide information, answer the clients' questions.

10. Freelance Jobs:

Freelancing is the best example of flexible working hours and projects. Freelancers can work at night shifts because they can deal with foreign clients, in which their daytime coincides with the night time in Pakistan. They can also work only on weekends if they are tied with some commitments. Many freelance jobs are skills-based jobs and don't require higher qualifications such as typing jobs, content writing jobs.

These were the ten available jobs that operate at night shifts. As you can see, it is a list mixed with different career paths. Some of them require higher qualifications. Others are based on skills and short term projects. The decision is yours. If you want to work at night or on weekends, choose the field that works with your skills.
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