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If you are in Dubai and wondering what Juul pods Dubai are, then you should not worry as this article will explain in detail what this device is.
Juul pods Dubai consist of two components; the bottom part is usually the device and it houses the battery and the temperature regulation system. There is also the top part that consists of the e-liquid cartridge that you can stick onto the device. This cartridge also acts as the mouthpiece; hence once you click it onto the device, you will be ready to go. The Juul device can also be recharged and it comes with a USB charger that you can use to charge on the go by either popping it into your laptops USB port or to a charging block.


Most people in Dubai tend to find it hard to differentiate between the JUUL and other vaping devices. However, some noticeable differences show how JUUL is different from the other vaping devices. One of the differences is that unlike the other vaping devices, the JUUL device does not come with any settings. This is because it is designed to sense when you are taking a pull from the mouthpiece. Once it senses this, it then goes on to heat up and vaporize the liquid inside it. The JUUL comes with a special temperature regulation technology that prevents it from combustion or overheating. Therefore, you can rest assured that the device is less likely to burn or explode, which tends to be an issue with most of the other vapes.

The JUUL pods Dubai are the parts that contain the JUUL’s patented e-liquid formula. This mixture contains propylene glycol, glycerol, nicotine salts, flavorings, and benzoic acid. The following is the breakdown on what these ingredients are meant to help in the JUUL device.

Propylene Glycol – This is a synthetic compound that is most commonly used in polyester production. However, it has also been approved as an additive for food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic products.
Glycerol – This is meant to serve as a humectant, meaning that it is used to add moisture to the solution. It is generally recognized as safe by the FDA; hence you can rest assured that it is approved for consumption.
Nicotine Salts – This is a type of nicotine that supposedly feels more like a cigarette whenever you inhale it. The other vapes tend to use the freebase nicotine. The freebase nicotine is commonly known for causing people to cough and also it leaves a film in people’s throats. This nicotine is considered harsher and it is commonly found in cigars
Flavorings – This term generally refers to different synthetic and natural ingredients that most companies use to flavor their products. Juul, for example, does not specify what their mint-flavored pod contains, but it probably contains oil or peppermint extract.
Benzoic acid – Benzoic acid can be found in a lot of plants. However, its synthetic form is commonly used as a food additive and preservative. It is recognized as safe for these uses, however, if applied in large quantities, then it can cause health and environmental hazards.
Juul pods Dubai come in eight flavors, and you can order any of these flavors from www.elementvape.ae. These flavors include creme, cucumber, mango, mint, menthol, classic tobacco, fruit, and Virginia tobacco.

What is the nicotine amount in a JUUL Pod?

JUUL measures the nicotine content in its devices basing on weight. This is different from other brands that are known to measure the nicotine content basing on volume. Originally, JUUL used to sell pods with a nicotine content of 5% by weight. However, from August 2018, it started offering 3% pods. As per JUUL’s older version of their FAQ page, one 5% pods contains approximately the same amount of nicotine as one pack of cigarettes or approximately 200 puffs. This information does no longer exist on the JUUL’s website, and there is also no information on the 3% pods either.

Is JUUL available in Dubai?

If you are in Dubai and are wondering if there is any place you can buy JUUL, then you should not worry as there are several places you could get yourself this device. One of the best places you are guaranteed to find high-quality JUUL and JUUL pods Dubai is www.elementvape.ae. You could also try looking online on where to find a JUUL shop near you. However, most people prefer ordering JUUL from online stores due to the inconvenience of these stores and because they can rest assured that the device will be delivered at their doorstep and give them the chance to enjoy their best JUUL flavor at the comfort of their homes. Generally, the JUUL device costs between $35.00 to $50.00. On the other hand, a pack of four JUUL pods Dubai costs around $15.99. This means that each pod goes for approximately $4.00, which seems to be cost-effective compared to purchasing a pack of cigarettes.

Vaping vs Juuling

The term JUUL refers to a brand of commonly sold e-cigarettes. However, most people tend to find it hard to differentiate between JUUL and vaping. There are several ways the JUUL device differs from the other vaping devices as shown below:

Shape and size – The JUUL device resembles a small USB drive unlike the other vaping devices that tend to be larger and resemble cigarettes
Pods – JUUL devices normally use a pod system to refill the liquid into the system.
Flavors – Unlike other vaping devices that tend to come in all manner of flavors, JUUL comes in 8 major flavors that include creme, cucumber, mango, mint, menthol, classic tobacco, fruit, and Virginia tobacco.
Nicotine – JUUL devices tend to use nicotine salts that, in turn, allow you to inhale larger amounts of nicotine compared to using the other vaping devices. It is also important to note that the nicotine content in a JUUL pod is equivalent to one pack of cigarettes.
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