Ecosmob Announces Unified Business Communication Solution to Simplify Work From Home During Covid 19

Posted April 8, 2020 by Ecosmob

The world is under lockdown and the only way for businesses to keep going is to work from home for which Unified Business Communication is the ideal solution.
April 8, 2020 — The world is under lockdown. Work from home is the new mantra. However, without proper tools it is not an easy task to work from home. Ecosmob rushes into the breach created by the Covid19 forced isolation and helps businesses to keep functioning with its Unified Business Communication Solution. It is the ideal tool for businesses to help their employees keep working from home and maintain normalcy in operations. Ecosmob offers easy to set up UC solutions for immediate implementations in business environments. The company’s VP explained how UC works for business and why it is just perfect in today’s coronavirus hit times.

All communication lines open
Unified Communication from Ecosmob ties together all communication lines like voice, chat, fax, voicemail, email, SMS, social media and audio-video conferencing into a seamless unified dashboard. The UC, in turn, connects to the backend CRM and database. In essence, employees work from home using desktop or smartphone but they have access to phone records and customer databases. Communication lines are open and easy to access. Customers can call and their calls go through to the right person. Users may select social media channels or text or video chat and find that there is no lockdown on communications.

All records in one place
Work from home may be easy but if not everyone is connected to a central database then you are likely to find it difficult to gather data at a later date. Thankfully, Ecosmob’s UC solution unifies and centralizes records as well. Your employees may use desktops and smartphones as may be convenient but all records go into one place.

Team collaboration
Just as it is important for customers to be able to reach the company, it is equally important that employees, even as they are under lockdown, be able to communicate with each other to get work done. A sales executive may wish to know about service status or inventory status. Managers may wish to plan how to proceed further when Corona virus severely restricts movement of people and materials. In short, communication with each other is essential for employees within an enterprise. Ecosmob’s UC allows communication through any channel. However, the video conferencing facility is the best. Apart from getting things done, there is the reassurance of being able to see each other in these tough times and know they are all right. After all there is a human aspect to life too.

Business continuity
Stop for a moment to think before you suspend operations. Your customers are likely to go away if they cannot get in touch with you and get things done. You may lay off employees to save costs but when operations resume you will find it challenging to hire people who can do the job competently enough as your present employees can. Your business may stop for a while but your costs continue and picking up is not easy given the gloomy economic forecasts. It is better to continue business by using unified business communications. Employees do not gather in one place but the effect of using UC is the same as if they are all working together.

Ecosmob helps business to stay healthy with its unified communication solution. Businesses may subscribe to UC as a service and be operational within an hour or less. They can just as well opt for on-premise solution.

Ecosmob offers total support with set up, configuration and assistance to employees. Business organizations may get in touch with Ecosmob by phone on 91 7778842856, 1-303-997-3139 or chat live on
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