Are Cardonio’s Metrics Realistic?

Posted September 18, 2018 by drakestrong431

A comment from a reader said this: Why are the token metrics so large? There is such a large jump from Phase 2 to the Final Phase?
A comment from a reader said this: Why are the token metrics so large? There is such a large jump from Phase 2 to the Final Phase?

First and foremost, we need to remember and realize that while cryptocurrency is here to stay, fiat money has always been with us since the beginning of civilization and will probably remain with us for as long as there is gold and silver out there. Certainly, a lot of uncertainties and doubts will arise from such a new and radical basis of exchange that is intangible and quite hard to comprehend for most people. Yet, we have come a long from merely conceptualizing and building structures to make cryptocoin a real part of our modern world.

The point is, when everyone was using fiat money, some people came out with the idea of virtual money and practically overturned the world in a few years. The sense of disorientation and unawareness, however, has substantially diminished and will continue to do so as we educate ourselves and others about the realities and possibilities of this “whole new world”.

And so, unlike many other crypto cards, Cardonio’s business model is focused mainly around the company putting up large amounts of fiat currency in escrow with its payment processor and offering a service to the crypto community in order to make the conversion from crypto to fiat an easy and seamless experience.

In order to accomplish its plan, Cardonio has apportioned a large part of the funds it raised to secure credit card/fiat account balances. The token phase prices will reflect the achievements and goals at each stage of the company’s growth through the coming six months. Cardonio hopes that by then its business will be 100 times more attractive to investors as it proves the business model and builds a strong and satisfied community.

We cannot do away with fiat money -- who wants to? Cardonio believes cryptocurrency is the wave rushing out to sea and aims to take the ride to its potentially-bright future. People can readily see the possibilities and have come along for the great ride. The trick, as in surfing, is to adjust to the flow of the wind and the movements of the water. It helps if you have a stable and strong surfboard.
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