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Posted June 6, 2015 by davidjohnny838

protocol here's area son why is because some the major manufacturers up telephone systems
they don't really like open source they don’t like open operability if you buy an Avaya phone system they want you to buy Avaya phones if you buy a Nortel system they want you to buy Nortel phones Avaya doesn't want you to buy an Avaya system and then Cisco phones or to buy a system and Alexis fax to buy or want to sell you both the telephone system and all the phones the call boxes except for that go with it arm is a fine business practice for them but I hate it the read the way there able to make this happen is they have their own proprietary protocols that nobody else can use so mom don't quote me I don't sue me if you’re from Avaya but blast I'm I was looking at Avaya phone systems like I say I'll back in the day I was certified 90hours a certification on Avaya phone system I think via phone systems are just the cat's meow they're very high quality there for you basically user-friendly eccentric when I went to buy Voice overripe systems for my clients I found out that they only use proprietary protocol now so that kind of killed it for me I’ve never use an Avaya phone system again why because if you buy an Avaya voice over IP PBX a voice over IP server you can only by Avaya phones to communicate with it because Avaya doesn't license out this protocol just wily hilly again they want you by the phone system and the phones off from them now I think is a much garbage that's the other reason why I was just talking about the gateways and for Skype uses a part right proprietary .
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