The first virtual life MMO sim applying blockchain

Posted April 22, 2019 by clmalliance

How will it help the people in the world and give everyone a fair chance to a better life 
April 22, 2019 — How will it help the people in the world and give everyone a fair chance to a better life

Future city is a virtual life MMO which will also be VR capable and on desktops in first person and allows you to make real choices and forge your own path and not relying on some predestined fate or storyline.

This project is being created by a few of the AirP2P Foundation team and more people around the globe.
\in this game, you will have the ability to get an honest job and earn digital currency like a normal citizen of Future, or you will be able to choose to become a criminal and aim for getting rich quick, the path you choose is all up to you.

there will be a dynamic market in the game and people will be able to buy properties and corporations or shares in corporations, you will also be able to rent out your properties or rent a property if you can not afford to buy one.

when you buy a corporation for example then you are really vesting your digital money and will be able to get income from that, assuming your company is profitable.

also, you will be able to furnish your homes and buy vehicles.
More information will be added to the project as it develops.

Big variety of Vehicles in different Categories. They can be used in Street Races and to sell them for a profit.
Players can buy properties or rent them, you can also become a landlord and earn a passive income from your properties.
Players can buy businesses and receive income from them and build them up to get higher income or sell them for a profit and even create shares and put it on the market.
Pets make the home more beautiful.
Players can buy different Items.
Players can go to Work and select the preferred Job to earn money from it.
Players can go to the Gym and train their character to improve his skills and physique.
Players can go to School.
Players can protect their money in the local Bank or apply for a loan there among other things.
When a player has low health he can go to the Hospital to restore his health.
Players can race against other players to earn additional money, or for pink slips and customise their vehicles.
Players can gamble their money in the Casino or buy shares in the casino and profit from other people's misfortune.
Players can get married.
The only currency in the game will be cryptocurrency built with blockchain technology.
Home and garage
Homes, Garages, can be upgraded to fit more vehicles in them and also retrofitted as you like and decorated.
The game will be very secure and will have 2FA.
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