How if Specialty Weapons Provided for Certain Monster Category in OSRS?

Posted May 20, 2015 by cheapgold

Since Jagex showed intention to get weapon into versatility, there have been a great amount of opinions circulating on reddit to show players’ expectation for new weapons.
Since Jagex showed intention to get weapon into versatility, there have been a great amount of opinions circulating on reddit to show players’ expectation for new weapons. And recently some potential ideas about weapon updates were brought forward along with the introduction of slayer expansion. If you haven’t joined in discussion, take action now!

New weapons than various attack styles

It seems not exciting news if Jagex would release more level 90 gears that players already have. However, it would be more attractive if any new weapon release with change. And as game develops, there are more new monsters for players to challenge, so it will be boring if players always use the same weapon for fighting. Thus instead of providing various attack style, new weapons would be more anticipated.

Of course, players also have some requirements for new weapons-they should be higher tier. Weapons are so similar that if they released new level 90 weaponry people wouldn't care. If weapons were different like in OP's suggestion, maybe releasing a 90 2h sword, longsword and or dagger would be enough to pump up players for raids or high level content.

Specialty weapon for certain monster category

As new monster boss release, there is a suggestion that offer stronger specialty weapons rather than add new higher tier weapons, that is to say, providing new special weapons for a certain monster category. Or simply said, using different weapons against different things.

1. How does the special weapon work?

To get the upgraded weapon, you would need to use the current item with a new upgrade item, requiring a high skill level; you could also pay npc a high amount (2m or so) to craft it for you. For example, using 85 Slayer, you could upgrade Darklight into Abyssal Light. Abyssal Light would require 80 Attack to equip and have stats and speed of a Dragon Longsword. But when used against a Demon, it would be about as effective as a Chaotic Longswor with an improved special attack. The idea is that Abyssal Light is the best choice when fighting Demons, but is only slightly better than existing options.

2. How would it be during death?

In the assumption, these weapons shouldn't degrade, but instead they are always lost on death meaning you need to reclaim non-upgraded version and upgrade again; or maybe it "breaks" and you need to pay a repair fee. It seems low-costing that you don’t need to spend much money in buying rs items since repairing is far cheaper than remaking. In this way you could use them on weaker monsters without wasting them but still would have risk again bosses.

It seems a good idea that having a weapon best-in slot for certain monsters still makes other weapons viable, isn’t it? But if you have other ideas, try to be more creative and bring out your thoughts to shape your beloved Old School Runescape! In addition, whenever you need cheap osrs gold, welcome to RS3gold for manual runescape gold or 2007 rs gold with fast delivery!


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