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Posted September 20, 2020 by CasulaFish

For those who like fish and seafood , shrimp is a great option. But he is an animal that demands a certain amount of care both in the purchase and in the cleaning before preparation.
How to remove the shell of the shrimp
A very simple way to remove the shrimp shell is to scald with hot water and a little vinegar or lemon. But don't forget that this process can lightly cook the food. When doing this process, do not forget to also store the shrimp shells in a sachet and freeze, that way you can use them to prepare a homemade broth for risottos, among other dishes. Go for the Seafood Retailers Australia there.

How to camouflage the smell of shrimp
If you are bothered by the smell of cooking shrimp, the tip is to put a stalk of celery in the cooking water, this will camouflage the odor.

Cooking tips that can contribute to your diet and you didn't know
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One way to quickly defrost the shrimp is to place it in a closed plastic bag and dip it in a bowl of water at room temperature until it begins to defrost. Then take it to the refrigerator again to finish defrosting safely. Another tip is to defrost the shrimp in a sieve inside the refrigerator, preventing them from sticking together.

Time to clean the shrimp
When cleaning shrimp, the ideal is to leave it in a pan with water and ice, so it remains frozen, avoiding contamination.

Frying and cooking
When frying or cooking the prawns, pay attention to the color, as soon as they are pink in color, it is the right time to cook. Also avoid adding salt before cooking, as this causes the shrimp to lose moisture.

How to buy shrimp
Those who do not know much about shrimp, must believe that there is only the pink type, but in practice it is not so. As with fish, there are several species of shrimp and different colors, such as: greenish-brown, bluish-gray, brownish-pink to orange, pink or even pale red.

Now that you know that there are shrimp in different colors, don't get stuck choosing only the pink ones and look for other signs that indicate that the shrimp is fresh. See the tips:

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• The smell of the shrimp should be very mild, as well as the smell of the sea.
• Pay attention to the bark too, it must be shiny and stick to the animal. If it is loosening it is a sign that it is not fresh. And don't forget that when you buy two kilos of shrimp in shell, when you remove the shell, only one kilo will be left.
• If you are looking for a tasty shrimp, always buy with the shell, since when frozen with the shell it loses much of the flavor.
• Now if you don't have fresh shrimp available in your area, the tip to buy is to grasp the shrimp packaging to make sure it is firm.

Freezing shrimp
To store frozen prawns, they can be both raw and cooked, the duration is about three months.

Shrimp broth
As stated above, if you want to prepare broth or shrimp risotto, try to buy those that have shell, because it is with the shell that you will prepare the shrimp broth.

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